Bringing Rustic Baby Shower Ideas To Life

Looking for the best rustic baby shower ideas? We have got you covered. Take your rustic-themed celebration to the next level with these six tips!
Bringing Rustic Baby Shower Ideas To Life

The “rustic” look and design style has recently skyrocketed in popularity. You can see it everywhere: rustic home decor pieces, modern farmhouse architecture styles, boho decorations big on plants and super down-to-earth accents, and even milestone events like weddings and baby showers reflect the trend. Rustic style can mean many things and leaves plenty of room for imagination, perfect for anyone who leans toward an eclectic aesthetic that’s also rugged, minimal, and down-to-earth.

If that sounds like you and you’re getting ready to plan a baby shower to welcome your bundle of joy, you might find that you’ll have a blast gathering rustic baby shower ideas and bringing them to life. As rustic-themed events continue to grow in popularity,
more and more people are looking at them as one of the top design choices or themes
for baby showers!

We’re here to cover your bases with inspiration for every aspect of your rustic baby shower, from invitations to decor to menus. Keep reading and get ready to throw a baby shower that everyone will enjoy.

Designing Memorable Rustic
Baby Shower Invitations

A cute rustic baby shower invitation is the perfect way to give your guests an idea of what to expect on the day of your baby shower. With a bit of imagination, inspiration, and Canva, there’s no limit to how you can let your personality shine through.

Get Inspired With Pinterest

There’s nothing better than an excuse to “have” to sit down for a serious Pinterest inspiration session, especially when gathering inspiration for rustic baby shower ideas. Type “rustic baby shower invitations” into the search and make a board with your
favorite images.

The tricky part might be narrowing down which ideas you want to implement, but maybe you could save the other ideas in case there’s another bundle of joy in your future!

Use Canva To Design Your Baby Shower Invitation

You don’t have to be a pro to design a beautiful invitation for your rustic baby shower. Canva has plenty of free templates to help bring your ideas to life. Keep the color palette neutral with browns, tans, and greens.

Add A Rustic Touch

If you want to be “extra” about it (and there’s no better time than a baby shower to be extra), add an extra touch, such as a leaf or pressed flower, to your rustic baby
shower invitation.

Rustic Baby Shower Locations

Unless you’re worried about unpleasant weather, an outdoor venue is the best place to bring your rustic baby shower ideas to life.

Some ideas for locations include:

  • Your backyard
  • Rentable barns
  • Vineyards
  • Gardens
  • Anywhere with an outdoor patio

Inspiring Rustic Baby Shower Decorations

The fun thing about coming up with rustic baby shower ideas is deciding how you’ll deliver a cozy, earthy atmosphere for your guests. Rustic decor is eclectic, so it’s okay to mix and match. You can go with a complete wooded wonderland style or incorporate boho-chic - or anything in between! Your only limit is your imagination, so here are a few rustic baby shower decoration ideas to inspire you.

Color Scheme

Standard rustic color schemes tend to have warm, neutral colors, but if you want to add splashes of color without jeopardizing the aesthetic, it’s completely doable! Try adding hints of your favorite colors using flowers, candles, desserts, and balloons! If you need inspiration, a quick Pinterest search will pull up thousands of rustic color schemes.

String Lights

If your baby shower takes place in the evening, string lights have a magical effect on any outdoor setting.

Rustic Furniture

For your chairs and tables, opt for natural materials like wood or distressed wood to keep in line with that down-to-earth feel.


Regarding table decor, there are many different ways to get creative, but if you want to wow your guests with the rustic vibe, you should have some inviting centerpieces. You can make these yourself. For example, you can decorate mason jars with twine, lace, or burlap and use the jars for candles, flowers, or succulents.

Glam Picnic Decor

You can really get down to earth and set up spaces on picnic blankets with inviting cushions for your guests to lounge and gather on. You can even set up tents or tipis to create a glamping vibe. Just remember that the mom-to-be might need a spot that’s easy for her to get up from!

Rustic Baby Shower Party Favor Ideas

Your guests will likely remember your baby shower for years, but developing ideas for party favors is always fun. Here are a few ideas to delight your guests even after your shower is over.


These charming plants are easy to take care of. Simply place them in mason jars decorated in twine and send them home with their new owners!

Tealight Candles In Wooden Tealight Holders

Your guests can use this gift for years for everyday ambiance.

Customized Seed Packets With Mini Planters

Send your guests home with seeds for herbs like basil or cilantro. You can get customized seed packs on Etsy, along with miniature ceramic planting pots.

Menu Ideas For Rustic Baby Showers

The room for creativity doesn’t end with the menu - as long as you keep it down-to-earth, a rustic menu can be many things. All you have to do is sprinkle in your personality. Here are some ideas to get you started.

The Classic BBQ

What’s more down-to-earth than BBQ? Some may hesitate to put bar-b-que on the menu of a themed event meant to be beautiful in all ways, but there are ways to present bar-b-que so it doesn’t look sloppy. For example, serving pulled pork sliders and putting all the condiments in decorated mini-mason jars allows you to serve a satisfying meal while keeping up appearances!

Charcuterie Board

An elevated take on rustic, a charcuterie board provides something for everyone with various meats, cheeses, olives, pickles, and crackers. This is also an ideal option if you want your guests to feel free to walk around your gorgeous rustic baby shower setting and mingle as opposed to focusing activities around a table.

A Garden-Fresh Salad And Salmon With Herbs

For moms-to-be who have healthy eating top of mind while looking for rustic baby shower ideas, serving a garden-fresh salad with herbs and vegetables alongside your favorite salmon recipe is the perfect way to tie your theme in with the menu.

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Searching for rustic baby shower ideas is much more than planning a party.

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