Unique Baby Shower Venue Ideas

Looking for unique baby shower venue ideas? AlphaCord has you covered! Discover the most memorable indoor & outdoor venues for your baby shower!
Unique Baby Shower Venue Ideas

Ahh, who doesn’t love a good baby shower?! They can be so much fun to plan, host, and attend, and thanks to social media and Pinterest, they are becoming more and more extravagant and unique. Not to mention, it’s the main event leading up to your baby's arrival! The great thing about baby showers is that there are so many important things to consider while planning them, such as themes, invites, registry list, catering, and of course, the venue!

Choosing the Right Venue

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to venues, so it all comes down to what you want as the backdrop of your event. The perfect venue will depend on location, budget, guest list, and preference. So if you would like unique baby shower venue ideas, we have you covered!

Outdoor Baby Shower Venue Ideas

As we mentioned, there are venues for all preferences and budgets. If you are looking for baby shower venue ideas that are unique, consider these outdoor options:

  • Backyard Baby Shower
    We are going to start by keeping it simple. Backyard baby showers are fun and a great way to reduce costs for the baby shower if you are on a smaller budget. Although this may not count as a unique venue, it can be a very beautiful spot for a baby shower. If you do not have a lot of shade in your backyard, consider renting an event tent (they range in size and price). With a backyard baby shower, decorations are everything so be sure to pick outdoor-friendly decor.
  • Botanical Gardens
    Botanical gardens-- a truly unique baby shower venue idea, are often overlooked event spaces. They can provide the perfect backdrop for weddings, engagement parties, and baby showers. Flowers, fountains, and greenery help set the scene for a beautiful event you and your guests will never forget. As far as the cost of a venue such as this, it will likely depend on your location and the time of the event (summer, fall, weekend, etc.)
  • Terrace/ Veranda/ Patio
    If you plan on having a smaller baby shower, you might want to consider hosting your baby shower at a local terrace, veranda, or patio. This baby shower venue idea is perfect for families that love the outdoor aesthetic.
    It is likely that a hotel or restaurant in your area rents out these spaces for private events and parties, so it’s important to call around and compare terrace options and prices. The great thing about terraces is that you still get to be outside, but you will be cozy with the shade and seats that come with it.
  • Vineyards
    A baby shower at a vineyard? Yes! In fact, hosting any type of event at a vineyard is a lovely option. It may seem like the last place someone would hold a baby shower since the mother-to-be won’t be partaking in any wine drinking, but the venue itself is the perfect place for a baby shower.
    Plus, you will not need any decorations (maybe some balloons or flowers) because vineyards are typically landscaped and decorated beautifully. Consider this unique baby shower venue idea for an unforgettable experience.

Indoor Baby Shower Venue Ideas

If you want to host the shower in the winter or if you live in a colder climate, outdoor venues may not be the best option. There are still so many unique baby shower venue ideas for indoor spaces that will fit your budget, theme, or preference.

  • Home Baby Shower
    There is no place like home, and as long as you don’t mind the company, home baby showers are a great option. It will also help to reduce the overall cost of the baby shower. Consider turning your home into a unique baby shower venue idea to create a warm and intimate atmosphere.
  • Tea Room
    Tea rooms have grown in popularity over the last decade, popping up in almost every city. If you want a simple yet elegant baby shower, look up tea rooms in your area! Most tea rooms have a designated event space that will need to be booked months in advance. This can be a unique and memorable experience for everyone, making it a perfect baby shower venue idea.
  • Hotel
    Most hotels aren’t just hotels. They often provide spaces for weddings, private events, and other celebrations. The great thing about hotels is that they also have different rooms or areas that align with the size of your event. You also have the freedom to decorate however you want. Consider booking a hotel space for an opulent baby shower venue idea that will be both comfortable and unique.


As the anticipation of a new baby grows, commemorating this significant milestone becomes essential. Remember, it's the memories, joy, and love that make the occasion stand out. With numerous baby shower ideas available, embark on planning a memorable celebration that everyone will cherish for years.