Adorable Baby Shower Ideas For Your Celebration

Adorable Baby Shower Ideas For Your Celebration
Having a baby shower is an exciting time for everyone involved. But, how do you make it original and memorable? It's not as simple as buying the typical blue or pink decor and baby bottle shaped balloons. There are ways to still keep with those traditions and come up with new ways of surprising your guests at the same time. It can be hard to get more creative when most of your friends and family members have had several children already, so let's offer some fresh ideas for planning your baby shower. As experienced moms who love throwing showers for friends, we know how stressful it is to try and come up with a theme, color schemes, and invitation ideas. So for this blog, we asked ourselves: What are the most popular themes for baby showers at the moment? What are the best colors to incorporate into your decor? So without further ado, let’s get into it!

Popular Baby Shower Themes

Many women choose to have their baby showers in the second trimester because it is when they are the most comfortable. They have gotten used to some of the changes that their body is going through and can comfortably walk around. So whether you are planning your own baby shower or want to throw out some ideas for whoever is throwing it for you, we have the most popular themes to share with you. Here were the top baby showers in 2022:
  • Disney-Themed Baby Showers
  • Modern & Rustic Baby Showers
  • Animal-Themed Baby Showers
Although there are many more baby shower ideas and popular themes, we are going to focus on the previously mentioned themes so you can start planning ASAP!

Disney-Themed Baby Showers

For whatever reason, Disney-themed baby showers are more popular than ever (maybe it’s all of the live action movies coming out, or the fact that nineties kids are now having babies of their own and want to include their favorite Disney characters). Either way, if you need some Little Mermaid or Lion King Baby Shower Ideas, we’ve got you covered.
  • Little Mermaid Baby Shower Ideas If you are having a baby girl, you can choose a Little Mermaid theme and follow the below colors and ideas to stay within the theme:
    • Colors: Red, Yellow, Green
    • Decor Items: Little Mermaid balloons, colored balloons that match your theme, ocean or “under the sea” decorations
    • Food: You can have an “under the sea” theme menu and serve seafood items such as shrimp cocktail, calamari, etc.
    • Music/Song Ideas: Beachy tunes, Little Mermaid soundtrack, sounds of the ocean in the background
  • Lion King Baby Shower Ideas The Lion King Theme works great for both boys and girls and is a perfect theme if you are waiting to find out the gender of the baby. One of the main reasons why this theme is so popular is because of the iconic scene where Simba is first born and his presence is announced to the kingdom by lifting him up for all to see.
    • Colors: Neutral browns, reds, and yellows
    • Decor Items: Lion King balloons, colored balloons that match the theme, Safari decorations
    • Food: Lion King cake, animal crackers, safari-themed cookies of various animals
    • Music/Song Ideas: Beachy tunes, Little Mermaid soundtrack, sounds of the ocean in the background

Modern & Rustic Baby Shower Themes

As rustic-themed events continue to grow in popularity, more and more people are looking at them as one of the top design choices or themes for baby showers! The great thing about these types of baby showers is that most of the decor items can be made and include things like mason jars, burlap, and more.
  • Colors: Neutral tones of red, brown, pink, white
  • Decor Items: Mason jars, candles, succulents, neutral colored balloons, chalk signs, white string lights
  • Food: Naked cake, charcuterie boards
  • Music/Song Ideas: Classical music, folk/indie music, or if you want to make it interactive, try letting your guests pick songs that have the word “baby” in the title (example: “...Baby, One More Time” by Britney Spears or “Baby” by Justin Bieber)

Animal Themed Baby Shower Themes

When it comes to animal-themed baby shower ideas, there are plenty to choose from. Popular animals that are usually the focal point of baby showers are lions, whales, giraffes, zebras, owls, foxes, monkeys, and teddy bears. As we mentioned in the Lion King baby shower ideas (above), safari-themed decorations are fantastic for baby showers. The colors and general decor options that you choose should be based on the animal that you decide to go with. Here are some of the most common decor ideas for animal-themed showers:
  • Colors: Choose a color that compliments the animal you chose
    • Zebras: black and white
    • Giraffes, Monkeys, Foxes, Owls: Neutral tones of brown, white, orange
    • Whales: Various shades of blue
  • Decor Items: Choose colors that go with your theme and choose center pieces and invitations that match the animal you have chosen.
  • Food: Animal-themed cupcakes and/or baby shower cake
  • Music/Song Ideas: Zoo noises, animal sounds, or subtle ambient sounds from the jungle or forest are great to tie the theme together.


No matter what type of theme you choose for your baby shower, it will be a memorable experience for you, your friends, and your family. At AlphaCord, we know that choosing a theme for your baby shower hardly compares to all the other plans and preparations you will have to make before your baby's arrival. Still, it is essential to take a break from planning the bigger, more crucial things, such as finances or cord blood banking options, and focus on smaller, less daunting plans.