5 Adorable Teddy Bear Baby Shower Ideas

5 Adorable Teddy Bear Baby Shower Ideas

Why is choosing a baby shower theme so important to moms-to-be? Well, it sets the tone for the entire celebration and allows guests to be a part of the journey from the moment they receive the invitation. However, the theme you choose for a baby shower will also live in the photos and memories of this special day forever! Themed baby showers have come a long way, and while we have discussed modern and rustic trending themes, we want to focus on a more traditional concept today. A teddy bear-themed shower is a perfect backdrop for a simple and adorable celebration, whether you are having a boy or a girl. Today we will be sharing the best teddy bear baby shower ideas that use a modern twist on a traditional theme...we can "bearly" contain our excitement to share these tips with you.

Teddy Bears

Teddy bears are warm, soft, and fuzzy, so it's no surprise that they are traditionally one of the most popular themes for baby showers and toddler birthdays. Traditionally speaking, teddy bear-themed showers have always been synonymous with blue and "it's a boy" celebrations; however, with so many customizable options available today, this theme works with just about any "baby" color– pink, blue, yellow, green.

Another reason why this theme works so well for memorable baby showers is because it allows the party planner to get as creative as they want when it comes to choosing decorations.

Cute Ideas For A Teddy Bear Themed Baby Shower

As we mentioned, the best part of this theme is that there is so much room for creativity, and it can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. The teddy bear theme also allows for puns and wordplay on the word bear. For example, the subtheme or top used phrase associated with this theme is "We Can Bearly Wait," or some variation of the phrase. It's a great idea to include that on invitations and banners.

Here are some additional teddy bear baby shower ideas that we think you will love:

  1. Choosing Colors Before you even consider invitations, you must first think about the shower's color scheme. Some parents prefer traditional pink or blue colors for the shower to indicate that they are having a boy or a girl. Other parents may choose more gender-neutral colors such as yellow or green– especially if they start planning before they know the sex of the baby. Choosing your ideal color scheme will make choosing decorations a lot easier, especially when it comes to balloons, party favors, and invitations.
  2. Table Decor If you've been to a baby shower, you know how important table decorations are. They aren't completely necessary, but they can really tie the whole event together. Just as with everything, table decor can be as simple or complex as possible. Centerpieces can be as simple as a teddy bear with a ribbon that matches your color scheme or as complex as colored bouquets in the shape of a bear. Another great idea for table decor is choosing place settings (napkins, plates, etc.) that match your colors or stay true to the theme.
  3. Cake, Cookies, or Cupcakes? If you have a preference for the type of dessert you will serve, there are options for choosing personalized items to fit your theme. If you decide on the "We Can Bearly Wait" theme, there are places online to order custom cookies that can double as party favors-- they are equal parts beautiful and delicious. If you are more of a cupcake person, there are plenty of ways to incorporate the teddy bear theme, but the easiest and most affordable way is with custom or teddy bear cupcake toppers. Now let's talk about baby shower cakes! Baby shower cakes have become a focal point when it comes to decor and dessert options. It's not just about a delicious cake anymore; it's about the design and type of cake. Nowadays, you can have a cake shaped into an actual teddy bear with fondant, but it will cost you. More affordable options are layered cakes with bear toppers that match your color scheme; they are less extravagant but still delicious and aesthetically pleasing.
  4. Balloons Balloons are a great way to decorate your baby shower and fill in empty spaces that need additional decor. Keep in mind that larger, more complex requests such as the trendy balloon arches and designs (as seen on social media) will be more expensive. You can watch tutorials on creating balloon designs on your own, but never underestimate the power of helium-filled balloons as celebratory decor.
  5. Games & Party Favors An excellent idea for a teddy bear baby shower is the guessing game! Place a specific number of gummy bears into a jar and have each guest guess the amount. Prizes or party favors are always optional but can be a nice gesture for guests. A fun idea for party favors could be mini teddy bears with ribbons and a personalized card. Other popular party favors are DIY customized items such as candles, soaps, and honey (in the bear-shaped container).

At AlphaCord, we know that planning a baby shower hardly compares to all the other plans and preparations you will have to make before your baby's arrival. Still, it is essential to take a break from planning the bigger, more important things, such as finances or cord blood banking options, and focus on smaller, less daunting plans.

You can start planning your celebration now that you have heard our favorite teddy bear baby shower ideas! Whether you like some or all of the ideas that we shared, we hope that you were able to draw some inspiration from this article!