Baby Shower Makeup Looks For Moms-To-Be

Baby Shower Makeup Looks For Moms-To-Be
So many special moments and big days throughout our lives require a celebration. Birthdays, weddings, promotions, and baby showers (just to name a few) are all wonderful occasions that call for the perfect beauty style! However, there are unspoken rules about acceptable styles for these types of celebrations (i.e., don’t wear white to a wedding), but what about baby showers? Luckily, there are no “rules” for baby showers, but it’s still important to look and feel your best. We know that baby shower makeup looks and style tips may not be on the top of your priority list when it comes to planning for a baby, but it’s an excellent way to take your mind off the more prominent and significant preparations and decisions you will have to make. We have scoured through tons of mommy blogs and Pinterest Boards to gather research on the best maternity looks and tips for your celebration and today we will be sharing those with you. From baby shower makeup ideas to nails and outfits, we have got you covered!

Where Will The Baby Shower Take Place?

Before picking a specific look for your baby shower, it’s essential to consider where the shower will take place. Will it be at your home or at a unique venue? Will it be indoors or outdoors? Here is a breakdown of some general tips to consider that are based on location:
  • If it’s at your house or someone else’s home, consider wearing something on the casual side. Think sundresses or maxi dresses (we will share more outfit ideas below).
  • If it’s at a nicer venue or restaurant, consider wearing something a tad on the fancier side–without sacrificing comfort.
  • If it’s outdoors, think about what time of year it is and what the weather is like. Consider light sundresses or something airy for spring or summer; if it’s fall and there is a crisp in the air, leggings with a cute maternity top and scarf are easy and stylish options.

Baby Shower Looks for the Mom-to-Be

You and your baby bump will be the main focus of your baby shower, so why not wear something extra special to remember this day? The most important style advice for moms-to-be is to choose something you feel comfortable in. Whether it’s your outfit, shoes, or makeup, comfort is something that never goes out of style – especially when you are in your second trimester.
  • Perfect Outfit IdeasAs we mentioned before, choosing something comfortable is critical, but it’s also important to choose something that makes you feel beautiful! If you prefer dresses, department stores have maternity sections with plenty of attractive options. However, more and more online clothing brands are adding incredibly stylish rompers, jumpsuits, maternity suits, and other outfits to their maternity sections.If you choose to have a themed baby shower, you can choose something that matches your theme! Or you can wear a specific color that celebrates your baby! (Pink and blue are obvious options if you know the gender of your baby, but you can also try gender-neutral colors like pastel yellow or green.)
  • Nail Your Look!Once you have picked out your maternity outfit, you can start looking at various baby shower nail ideas that really tie your look together for the big day – not to mention, pampering yourself with a manicure/pedicure is never a bad idea. If you are feeling nervous about acrylic nails, try press-ons with custom designs! I know what you’re thinking…press-ons? But they have come a long way since the nineties and are much more affordable than acrylic or gel nails.

Finishing Touches: Baby Shower Makeup Ideas

Let’s fast forward to the day of the event! You found the perfect outfit, your nails are looking adorable, and now you just have to complete your look with hair and makeup! If you don’t feel like curling your hair, no one is blaming you! Try a sleek ponytail or bun with a maxi dress for an effortless yet classy look. If you want to pamper yourself and get a serving look, try splurging on a blowout. Now, let’s talk makeup. The perfect look will depend on what your makeup preferences are regularly. Sure, you want to look extra special today, but if you generally wear light makeup or no makeup at all, you may not be comfortable all day in a full face of glam makeup. On the other hand, if you are used to wearing a full face of makeup (eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, etc.), you might not feel comfortable with a natural look. Either way, here are some baby shower makeup looks and tips to consider in order to fit your style:
  • Feel Confident with your complexionChances are, you have already found a solid foundation that you love and swear by. Stick to your favorite, but consider using a primer to really make sure that it looks flawless.
  • Keep Blushin’Once you’ve perfected your base, it’s time to add some color to your cheeks. Remember to choose something that you feel comfortable wearing all day. Pinks and reds are standard for baby shower looks.
  • The Perfect EyeIf you normally don’t wear eyeshadow but want to make a statement at your baby shower, consider bold colors that go with your theme or outfit. Eye shadow palettes are perfect for this, and you can go as bold or as minimal as you’d like.Since this is a celebration, consider colors with a little bit of sparkle. Popular baby shower eyeshadow colors are pink, blue, green, yellow, and natural browns. Don’t forget mascara and eyeliner to really make your eyes pop!
  • Set Your LookSocial gatherings and celebrations such as a baby shower can take a lot out of you–physically and emotionally. Protect your look from sweat and joy-filled tears by using a setting spray.
A baby shower is a milestone event for any mom-to-be, so it’s important to look and feel your best! We hope these tips and baby shower makeup ideas help you feel beautiful on your big day. You have nine months to mentally and physically prepare for your baby. During this time, you are also trying to choose names and come up with a birthing plan–such as place of delivery (home or hospital), doctor or midwife, or whether or not you will bank your newborn’s stem cells for future medical use. As we mentioned, we know that your baby shower attire and style aren’t as important as other preparations during pregnancy. However, cherishing the moments leading up to your baby’s birth is essential to the overall journey.