Cutest Baby Shower Nail Ideas
For The Mom-To-Be

Cutest Baby Shower Nail Ideas<br> For The Mom-To-Be

One of the best ways to prepare for your bundle of joy is by having a baby shower. It’s your time to show off your baby bump while being surrounded by loved ones. It is also the best time to incorporate the celebration into other aspects of your style like your clothes and even your nails. Nail designs that match a special occasion are nothing new but in recent years, baby-themed nails have become more popular thanks to Pinterest, mom blogs, and other social media platforms.

We know that baby shower themes and choosing a nail design are not exactly on the top of your priority list when it comes to planning for a baby. Still, it’s an excellent way to take your mind off the more prominent and significant preparations and decisions you will have to make. So today, we will share the best tips on looking exceptionally stylish at your celebration with baby shower nail ideas and other maternity style tips.

Baby Shower Dress Ideas

Whether you are throwing the baby shower yourself or someone is throwing it for you, you and your baby bump will be the main focus of the event, so why not wear something extra special to remember this day. The perfect maternity dress for your baby shower will be different for every mom-to-be, but the main thing to focus on is choosing a dress that makes you feel beautiful and, more importantly, comfortable.

Most department stores have a maternity section, but a quick online search of maternity clothing is also a great place to start. If you have a color scheme planned for your baby shower, you can choose a color that matches the aesthetic. If you don’t have a color scheme, simply select your favorite color or fun print! The most popular dresses for pregnant women include:

  • Long maxi dress for comfort
  • Short maxi dress for style and comfort
  • Loose-fitting lace dresses for style and comfort
  • Form-fitting dresses for style
  • Flowy mini dress for style and comfort
  • Wrap dress for style and comfort
  • Long-sleeved dress
  • Sleeveless dress

Not a dress person? No problem. Many moms-to-be choose other styles such as cute jumpsuits, leggings, maternity suits, or rompers.

Baby Shower Nail Ideas

Once you have picked out your maternity outfit, you can start looking at various baby shower nail ideas that really tie your look together for the big day–not to mention, pampering yourself with a manicure/pedicure is never a bad idea. Although acrylic or fake nails are considered safe for pregnant women, many mothers-to-be prefer polish and designs on their natural nails. Here are some of our favorite ideas for baby shower nails:

  • Solid Colored Nails A simple solid nail color goes a long way if you prefer a more classic look. Think pastel blue or pastel pink for a simple DIY look that doesn’t break the bank. Want something brighter than pastels? Try neon-colored polishes.
  • French Manicures When it comes to a classic nail look, the french manicure is probably one of the most popular. You can take this classic look to the next level by adding some pink or blue within the design or even by using some baby-themed decals to place on your fingernails.
  • Special Designs If you want to spruce up your manicure, you can always have baby shower-themed designs added to some of your nails. Many nail salons have baby-themed designs or stencils for moms-to-be. Consider adding a stork, baby bottle, butterfly, teddy bear, unicorns, or any other designs that catch your eye. There are plenty of nail decals online that can even be customized to say things like “it’s a boy,” or “it’s a girl,” or even the name of your baby if you already have it picked out.
  • Confetti Nails Nothing says “let’s celebrate!” more than confetti. This simple nail trick can be done by adding a coat of glitter polish on top of any other nail design.

You have nine months to prepare for a baby financially, physically, and emotionally. During this time you are also trying to choose names and come up with a birthing plan–such as place of delivery (home or hospital), doctor or midwife, or whether or not you will bank your newborn’s stem cells for future medical use. As mentioned before, we know that your baby shower outfit is probably at the bottom of your priority list. Still, it’s important to switch gears and focus on the little things like baby shower themes, maternity style, and nail ideas.

A baby shower is a milestone event for any mom-to-be. We hope these tips and baby shower style and nail ideas help you feel beautiful on your special day!