Cord Blood


Storage: - 20 Years Prepaid

Payment Terms

12 Mo. Plan - $298/mo Paid in Full

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Cord Blood

Cord blood contains hematopoietic stem cells with over 80 current uses, including cancer and blood disorder treatments. It is a perfect genetic match for your newborn, offering advanced medical options for your family. 

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Storage: - 20 Years Prepaid

Payment Terms

12 Mo. Plan - $298/mo Paid in Full

Add a 5 Chamber Storage Bag

No Yes ($59)
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Frequently Answered Questions


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The incredible powers of stem cells

  • Stem Cells are Nature's
    Bio-Repair Kit
  • Over 30 Years of
    Life saving Miracles
  • A Lifelong Resource for
    your entire Family
  • 80 Conditions
    Treated Today
  • A Bright Future for
    Regenerative Medicine
  • Perfect Genetic Match
    for Your Baby

More options for your family

20 Year Storage


Cord Blood

Benefits for your family:
Can be used to treat 80+ diseases and disorders like leukemia, lymphoma, and sickle cell anemia.

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Annual Storage


Cord Blood & Cord Tissue

Benefits for your family:
With both hematopoietic & mesenchymal cells, your family has the best future options.

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Annual Storage


Cord Blood, Cord Tissue & Placenta

Benefits for your family:
You'll have the best potential treatment options and the placenta cells are a 100% match to the mother.

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What to Expect

  • 01 Order your kit delivery

    Your kit will ship out the same day if it is ordered before 2pm PST on a business day. Otherwise, it will ship the next day or on Monday if ordered during the weekend.

  • 02 Bring your kit to the hospital

    Keep your kit by your hospital bag. Bring it to the hospital or your birth location for the provider to collect your stem cells.

  • 03 Return your kit

    Follow the shipping instructions and the kit will be sent to our laboratory for testing, processing, and storage.

  • 04 Safe, protected long-term storage

    You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your baby’s stem cells will be available should your family ever need to use them.

  • 05 Sample release

    If you need to release your baby’s stem cells in the future, simply contact us and we’ll work with your medical provider to get them to you.