Eco-Friendly Ideas for the Mom-to-Be That Help Mother Earth

Eco Friendly Gifts and Ideas for Pregnancy, Gift Registries and Baby Showers

Bringing a new life into the world makes you think more carefully about what choices you’re making for your health, your baby’s health, and that of the planet you’ll both be living on. The future is a little bit brighter knowing that you’re creating your own family’s legacy. It’s beneficial to everyone to think green but while you’re pregnant, the idea of having another thing to do can be exhausting (let’s be honest, most things can be exhausting!). We’ve pulled together ideas that allow you to start small or go as big as you want.

Eco-Conscious Gifts for Baby Registries

So, you’re building your list of items to put on your baby registry, and you realize – you’re not a regular mom-to-be, you’re a sustainable mom-to-be. Before you drown in a sea of baby gear and gadgets, let’s pick a few items that’ll make the ultimate mother (Mother Earth) proud.

Say goodbye to plastic bottles and hello to glass or stainless-steel options. Imagine your little one sipping from a stylish, eco-friendly bottle, feeling like the trendiest baby on the block.

Let it be known you’re comfortable with gently used items. You may have some friends or family that have items that they’d happily give you in the back of their closets. By simply asking for secondhand items from your guests on your registry, you’ll let them know you’re open to receiving them. This tiny step will reduce new purchases that you may only use for a year or two.

Add items to your registry that reduce plastics and toxins. From wooden rattles to organic cotton stuffed animals, the options are endless. You can also add eco-friendly diaper options, which we’ll cover in more detail below.

Crafting an Eco-Friendly Nursery for Your Little Sprout

There are a million Pinterest boards of cute nursery ideas. Whether you’re imagining a modern-clean aesthetic, a boho-vibe, or bright and bold, you can capture your vision and still be earth-friendly while you do it.

Let’s talk about textiles. Look for organic cotton crib sheets to bamboo swaddles, and organic clothes when you can. Imagine wrapping your precious bundle of joy in the softest, most sustainable fabrics, knowing that each cuddle is a step towards a greener, happier planet.

Paint the town green! Literally, if you want green. Whatever color you choose, opt for non-toxic, zero-VOC paints to adorn the nursery walls. It’s like giving your little one’s haven a makeover with a side of eco-consciousness. And hey, who said eco-friendly couldn’t be chic?

Beyond the walls of your nursery, you’ll want to look for organic materials in baby crib sheets and mattresses.  Look for cribs and furniture that are GREENGUARD GOLD certified to make sure there aren’t harsh chemicals.

To be sustainable (and save money), upcycle some of the items for your baby’s nursery like used children’s books, wood toys, and artwork. Grab a friend and visit some local thrift stores to find these hidden gems. Your nursery will be more unique than one decorated with items from big box stores.

Ditching the Diaper Drama with Style and Sustainability

So, you’re about to embark on the wild journey of parenthood. Amidst the whirlwind of adorable onesies and sleepless nights, you’ll find yourself facing the inevitable diaper dilemma. Which diaper do you choose?

Picture this: you, armed with a laptop and a steaming cup of coffee (or let’s be real, reheated for the tenth time if you’re already a parent), diving into the vast ocean of diaper options.

First stop: the land of cloth diapers. Ah, yes, the OG eco-friendly diaper option. Imagine feeling like a modern-day superhero, bravely battling diaper waste one adorable cloth diaper at a time. Bonus points for the cute prints that turn your little one's bum into a canvas of creativity. This option is one of the most sustainable options available, but the cleanup is not for the faint of heart.

Next up: biodegradable or compostable disposable diapers. Because let’s face it, we’re not all cut out for the cloth diaper hustle (looking at you, laundry pile). These offer the convenience of disposables without the guilt-inducing landfill contribution.

And then, there are hybrid diapers, the lovechild of cloth and disposable. Talk about the best of both worlds! Hybrid cloth diapers were designed to make cloth diapering easy while decreasing the waste. Hybrid diapers consist of an outer reusable cover and a disposable insert inside. You get the convenience of disposables with the eco-friendly vibes of cloth.

You’ve got plenty of options. Bamboo diapers, plant-based diapers, chlorine-free diapers – oh my. There’s a buffet of eco-friendly options, each one promising to cradle your baby’s bum with love and sustainability.

Now, before you get overwhelmed and retreat into a sea of diaper-related memes (trust us, they exist), remember this: finding the perfect eco-friendly diaper is like finding your parenting groove – it takes time, a dash of trial and error, and maybe an extra cup of coffee (no judgment here). Ask your parent friends what they used and make whatever decision is best for you and your adorable family.

At the end of the day, every diaper change is a step towards a greener, happier future for our little ones and the world they’ll inherit.

Keep Your Pregnancy Non-Toxic and Still Glowing

Focus on your skincare first. Ditch the mystery ingredients and say hello to natural, non-toxic skincare products. This is a trend for everyone (not just expecting moms), it’s becoming the new norm in skincare. Reminder that some skincare products should not be used when you’re pregnant, like retinol. Talk to your doctor to get the clearance on your GRWM routine.

It’s important to bid farewell to environmental toxins and hello to eco-friendly cleaning products during pregnancy. A guide created by The Guided Heart Doula on pregnancy safe cleaning products can be found here. Traditional products can have endo-disrupting ingredients so it’s best to play it safe and get rid of dirt and grime with the power of plant-based ingredients.

You don’t have to empty your cabinets. Simply be more mindful of the chemicals and toxins around you to minimize their effects. After all, every non-toxic choice is a step towards a healthier, happier pregnancy – for you and your little one.

Find Sustainable Maternity Clothing Options

Before you resign yourself to a nine-month stretch of oversized tees and sweats, maternity clothing options have come a long way over the past few years. You can still look cute, rock your bump, and say goodbye to fast fashion while you do it.

Say hello to pre-loved gems with a thrift store treasure hunt. Maternity clothes are one of the most donated items at local thrift stores so those barely worn gems are out there – you just need to go find them.

Instead of buying a whole new wardrobe, buy a few essential items then look at maternity clothing rental options. There are entire businesses dedicated to helping you still feel fresh and stylish without you having to purchase another new item that you’ll only wear a few times.

By making these decisions throughout your pregnancy, you’ll not only physically feel better, but you’ll also be better to Mother Earth. You can continue your journey of sustainably while you’re pregnant and continue it post-partum. If we all do a little bit to create a better world, we’ll build a healthier and happier future for many generations.