Yoga During Pregnancy

yogaPregnancy does not mean you have to stop your workout routine completely. While it is healthy to gain some weight while pregnant, you should not go overboard. Exercising while pregnant will help to keep the unnecessary weight under control. It can also ease stress, help with breathing, and make you feel more relaxed and peaceful. This makes yoga good for your baby too! Here are some Yoga exercises you can add to your daily routine to make sure your pregnancy is a healthy one! Twisted Pose
- Sit straight up with your feet stretched in front of you
- Inhale while raising your arms to shoulder level with your palms facing down
- Exhale while twisting your body from the waist towards your right side, moving your head and hands simultaneously
- Inhale and come back to the original position, keeping your hands at shoulder level and parallel to each other
- Repeat on the opposite side
Chair Pose
- Stand up straight with your feet 12 inches apart. Your feet should be parallel to each other.
- Inhale and raise your heels and at the same time raise your arms to shoulder level, palms facing down.
- Exhale slowly; sit in a squatting pose on your toes.
- Keep your hands in the same position, inhale, and get up slowly and stand on your toes.
- Exhale while placing your hands and heels back down simultaneously.
Butterfly Pose
- Sit on the floor or mat with your legs stretched out in front of you.
- Keep your legs on the mat while you touch the bottoms of your feet together.
- Sit straight up and, without bending your back, lean forward. Place your hand on your knees.
- Hold this pose until you feel comfortable.
- Straighten your legs and repeat.
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