Why Bank Umbilical Cord Blood & Tissue? 10 Reasons You'll Be Glad You Did

# 1

Umbilical Stem Cells Save Lives

Over 80 life-threatening diseases have been successfully treated with cord blood stem cells, including immune disorders, blood disorders, and cancers. Learn more here about diseases treated.

# 2

Painless Medical Procedure

Collecting cord blood and cord tissue can take all of 5 minutes to collect. It is routinely discarded as medical waste and is completely painless to collect from the mother and newborn’s umbilical cord. Four Steps of Storage

# 3

Cord Blood & Cord Tissue Stem Cells Are Safe

Stem cells from umbilical cord blood and cord tissue are not embryonic stem cells. They are not controversial to collect or to treat with.

# 4

Umbilical Stem Cells Are Unique

Collecting your child’s cord tissue and cord blood is a once-in-your-baby’s-lifetime opportunity. The powerful and unique umbilical stem cells are only available at birth.

# 5

Your Child’s Umbilical Stem Cells Are a Perfect Match

All stem cells are genetically unique. In fact, according to recent studies, using cord blood as an alternative to bone marrow lowers the risk of graft versus host disease, or transplant rejection. Cord blood is also easier to collect than bone marrow and, when privately banked, is immediately accessible by your family, an important consideration when time is of the essence.

# 6

Alphacord Makes Your Choice Affordable Without Compromising Quality Or Security

We are proud to be the industry leaders in umbilical stem cell preservation. With over a decade of unparalleled service, a commitment to excellence, and over 50 years of combined cryogenic cord blood preservation experience, we are committed to the healthy futures of our AlphaCord families. Why Choose AlphaCord

# 7

A Proven Success

Cord blood stem cells have been used for over 20 years in the treatment of cancers, immune disorders, and blood disorders. The stem cells found in cord blood have powerful regenerative abilities with a long track record of success. While treatment uses are still under clinical trial, cord tissue stem cells (Mesenchymal stem cells) are able to mimic embryonic stem cells' properties. This opens the door to current and future opportunities for potential treatments such as spinal cord repair, better engraftments, cartilage repair, as well as having the same basic uses as a cord blood stem cell.

# 8

A Form Of Biological Insurance

You are helping prepare your newborn’s future when you make the decision to save their cord blood and cord tissue. Siblings, grandparents, and parents can also benefit from a newborn’s umbilical stem cells, so you are really making a choice to help protect your whole family.

# 9

Doctor Recommended

Medical professionals and doctors alike can agree that the power of umbilical stem cells is like no other. Having a private, perfect match of umbilical stem cells available to your family can be a priceless asset.

# 10

Emerging Research

New and exciting medical trials emerge every year with hundreds of clinical research studies on the Hematopoietic Stem Cells (HSCs) found in cord blood, seeking to treat Autism, Cerebral Palsy, brain injuries, and more. And with dozens of clinical trials on cord tissue Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs), there is promising hope for treatment of Parkinson’s disease, Type 1 Diabetes, heart disease, cancers, and connective tissue injuries.
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Disclaimer: AlphaCord does not endorse or make recommendations with respect to research, medications, or treatment. All information provided is for informational purposes only and does not replace professional medical advice.