Who Can Newborn Stem Cells Benefit?

Who Can Newborn Stem Cells Benefit?

We talk all about what stem cells can DO, but now it’s time to focus on the WHO. Who can benefit from these powerful cells? There are two ways we can answer that: 1. Who, in relation to the donor, can benefit? And 2. Who, with regards to what disease or injury they are suffering from, can benefit?


Your baby’s stem cells could be used for his or her future treatments, a sibling’s, or by a slim chance, a stranger’s.

  • Self – A person’s own stem cells are always a match for him or herself. The only time the cells will NOT be of use is if the baby was born with a genetic disease.
  • Sibling – A person’s stem cells are between 25%-75% likely to be a match for their siblings. 25% likely to be a perfect match, and the other 50% likely to be a partial match.
  • Stranger – A person’s stem cells could be donated to a public cord blood bank, but the likelihood of becoming a perfect match for an unrelated stranger is LOW, and the chances of having a complication post-transplant is HIGH.

When looking at the possibilities of cord blood transplants resulting in a negative graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) response, the statistics are as follows: Identical twins have an extremely low chance of GVHD, blood-related family members are between 35%-45% likely to experience GVHD, and unrelated recipients experience between 60%-80% chance of GVHD. The only reason a person would experience GVHD with their own sample is if the storage process was tampered with or mishandled and the cells became contaminated. AlphaCord has been licensed by the FDA and AABB to properly handle your baby’s precious cells with care and precision. Read more about our collection and storage process HERE.


  • You – When cord blood is donated to science, it is used by top researchers who are finding bigger, better, and more effective uses of our stem cells. Our stem cells are extremely helpful in testing investigative medicines, often times sparing animals from being tested. As we have discussed in previous blogs, stem cell research is advancing so rapidly, we believe cord blood will play a large role in regenerative medicine one day. This would increase the amount of organ and bone transplants we could forgo just by transplanting the new blood cells that would target and restore the diseased or damaged area. Too many people today die awaiting a transplant – stem cells are transforming the way we want to approach this issue in the future. Banking your baby’s cells now could result in a myriad of issues treated within your family later. While we don’t hope for you to ever need to use them, we do take pride in being there for you when you need it most.
  • Senior Citizens – We are often asked if your baby’s cord blood and stem cells ever expire – and to that we answer: NO. As of right now, you can save your baby’s cord blood forever in one of AlphaCord’s cryogenic tanks. We have a whole blog dedicated to this topic and how one may need and use these unaltered stem cells later in life HERE.

Is it safe to say banking your baby’s cord blood is banking on the idea that they could potentially help your children, your family, and your future? Absolutely. The benefits and beneficiaries are numerous, and the rapidly growing research pool suggests that one day, they may be endless. Contact one of our Cord Blood Specialists today to request a free info kit at 404.315.6500

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