What’s In a Name? – Picking the “Perfect” Name for Your Baby

For many parents, picking the perfect name for your baby can be a source of great angst. You promised Aunt Beatrice that you would name your first daughter after her in exchange for that family heirloom. You both like the name, Crystal, until you found out it’s the name of your partner’s old girlfriend.

According to baby-naming site Nameberry, this year the most popular names for girls are Posie, Isla, Olivia, Aurora, and Maeve. The most popular names for boys are Milo, Jasper, Atticus, Theodore, and Asher.

If none of those names resonate with you, where do you start to find the perfect name? As with many tasks you have been given during your pregnancy, creating a list is a helpful exercise. Write down the initial names that both you and your partner like. Throughout the process you can add other names to list before you two make a final decision on which name is the perfect fit. During the process you may discover your partner’s insistence on the name Chewbacca. Creating a list of names on an “Absolutely Not!” list can also be helpful.

To find the best name, allow each other to rule out names they are not happy with.

A few things to consider:

Family Names

For many, the greatest homage you can pay to a family member who has passed is to name your baby after them. Sometimes a good compromise is paying tribute to a family member through a middle name. My middle name is not only my father’s first name, but also a long standing family last name.

Historical Names

If you decide you want to name your child after a famous historical figure, consider only using the first or last name, not both. Charles Lincoln Smith can reflect your respect to our 16th president without creating undue teasing or pressure of the name Abraham Lincoln Smith.

Naming after a person or source of great inspiration

That 3rd grade teacher who mentored you. Perhaps the character in your favorite book or movie. Remember that memorable meal you two shared at that amazing restaurant on your trip to New Orleans. Maybe you both have a favorite beach destination. All of these people or places can lead to the perfect name for your baby.

Something you may NOT have considered.

Unflattering Initials or forms of the name

It’s really important to think of all the derivatives of your child’s name. Christopher Paul Kream on paper may sound like a great combination, but Chris P. Kream may not be the direction you were intending, unless you were hoping for a future pâtissier. Julia Katherine Roberts might not appreciate her initials on monogrammed towels, J.R.K.

Unique spellings that lead to a different name

When I was born, Jeremy was becoming a popular name. To be different, some parents changed the spelling, Jerome, unknowingly changing the way most people would pronounce their son’s name.

Trendy names

Popular names change from year to year. Keep in mind that a name that is popular now, may not be a popular name in the future. Darth was a very popular name during the 1920s. Not so popular now.

Consider the name of your baby throughout their life

What may be a cute name for a 2 year old may not be the ideal name for your future CEO of Apple. Think about your baby’s name through all stages of life.

Feeling pressured by a family member or by your partner

Many parents feel pressured to name their baby after someone. The perfect baby name is the one you both agree on.

You may be obsessing about picking the perfect name. A child’s name can change the way they feel about themselves and even lead them down a certain life path.

Remember, what’s most influential to your baby’s future are all the other things you provide your baby. A safe, loving environment. A good education. Life skills. Instilling confidence and good character. Encouraging them to tap into their unique personality and gifts and be the best version of themselves as they can be.

You can also provide the best for your baby by banking their cord blood. Preserving your baby’s cord blood, cord tissue, and placenta can protect or enhance your baby’s life. Currently, there are over 80 diseases that are FDA approved to be treated with cord blood stem cells. There are many clinical trials using mesenchymal stem cells from the umbilical cord and placenta to treat ailments such as autism, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and spinal cord injuries. Banking your baby’s stem cells privately ensures that their stem cells will be available them any time in the future.

Currently, there are over 80 diseases that are FDA approved to be treated with cord blood stem cells.

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