Unique Baby Shower Game Ideas

Throwing a memorable shower can be as easy as providing delicious food and entertainment for all. Plan ahead and make sure to award fun and attractive prizes. Who doesn’t love a good name guessing or diaper game for baby shower fun? Here are a few baby shower games that will help you keep the party rolling. Game: Name that baby food What you need: 5-10 different baby food flavors, 5-10 bowls, pen & paper, basket How to play: Put each baby food flavor in a non-descript bowl and mark each bowl with a unique number. (Host - make sure you know which flavor you put in each bowl). Have each guest taste a sample from each bowl and try to guess what it is. On a piece of paper each guest puts their name and what they think each flavor is and puts it in the basket. The person who gets the most correct wins. Game: Blindfolded Diaper Changing Game What you need: Blindfold, life-size baby dolls, diapers How to play: Before starting a diaper game for baby shower guests, separate guests into teams. Every team gets a blindfold, doll, and diapers. Each guest must remove the current diaper and put a new diaper on the doll, while blindfolded. Everyone on the team takes a turn until all have changed the doll’s diaper. The first team to finish wins the game. Game: Don’t Say Baby What you need: Diaper pins for each guest How to play: As each guest arrives, you have them fasten a diaper pin on their clothes somewhere. If any other guests hears another say the word “baby”, they can take their pin. Whoever has the most pins at the end of the shower wins. Game: Guess who? What you need: Baby picture from every guest, paper and pen, basket, and name tags (if all your guests don’t know each other) How to play: Ask for each guest to bring a baby picture of themselves prior to the shower. Collect all the pictures when each guest arrives. Sometime after everyone has arrived, arrange each picture with a number. Have each guest try to guess who everyone is by writing the name of the person by each number on the paper and putting it in the basket. Whoever guesses the most correctly wins. Game: Baby - The Price Is Right What you need: 10 baby items, paper, and pens How to play: You will buy 10 different baby items that the mom-to-be will want to keep, such as baby shampoo, toys, lotion, pacifier, etc. Write the price of each item on a sheet of paper. Then have each guest write down the item and its price. The person who gets the most correct wins. Game: Onesie decoration What you need: Plain white or lightly colored onesies, fabric markers and fabric paints, and precut cardboard that fits inside each onesie How to play: Let your guest’s creative juices flow and have them decorate onesies for the mother-to-be to remember her friends and shower fun.