Third Trimester Pregnancy Checklist

You may be feeling more tired during your third trimester, but there are a few more important things to do before baby arrives.
  • Take a birthing class and hospital tour.
  • Prepare for your baby shower – make a gift registry.
  • Settle on a baby name.
  • Baby-proof your house.
  • Finishing touches on the nursery – if it’s not done already, now is the time to let go of any extra projects you dreamed of and just tidy things up.
  • Wash your newborns new clothes, so they are ready to wear.
  • Complete your shopping list: - Nursing bras - Car seat - Stroller - Baby carriers - All baby feeding supplies - Diaper supplies - Baby bath tub - Baby monitor
  • Make arrangements with your employer for maternity leave (if applicable).
  • Make arrangements for your older children while you are at the hospital (if applicable).
  • Start making meals to store in your freezer – especially any time-consuming healthy favorites.
  • Write & finish your Birth Plan: If you need tips on writing a birth plan, check out this blog post to help.
  • Pack your Hospital Bag – don’t forget your AlphaCord cord blood & cord tissue collection kit.
  • Select a pediatrician for your newborn.
  • Install your infant car seat – they can be tricky to install correctly for first-timers, so don’t wait til you are at the hospital and your newborn is waiting for their first car ride home.
  • Select a birth announcement and prepare addresses. Once baby comes, all you have to do is drop the photo in.
  • Review signs of labor.
  • Get plenty of rest & enjoy some quiet time with your partner and loved ones.
Disclaimer: AlphaCord does not endorse or make recommendations with respect to research, medications, or treatment. All information provided is for informational purposes only and does not replace professional medical advice.