The Benefits in Stem Cells from Umbilical Cord Tissue

Cord blood has many benefits and has the potential to treat a growing list of approximately 81 diseases. Storage of these hematopoietic cells could be the one thing to ensure a healthy future for your family. However, the blood from the umbilical cord is not the only source of stem cells. The tissue cells from the umbilical cord supply a great amount of cells. These cells are also known as “Wharton’s Jelly.” Aside from assisting treatment of diseases, the cells from Wharton’s Jelly have been used to grow organs. "Tiny livers were created, and transplanted into mice, where they grew and began to perform the same functions as human-sized livers, including metabolizing drugs and making liver-specific proteins." (webmd) The Japanese scientists responsible for this progress believe these tiny functioning livers are the last step before the creation of functioning human livers. In addition to functioning livers, researchers have recently created thyroid cells from human stem cells. Not only were these thyroid cells functioning, they also “took up radioiodine, and looked like normal cells.”(medpagetoday) Terry Davies, MD of Mount Sinai hospital in New York City believes the next step in prepping the thyroids for use would be, “turning the working thyroid follicles into an actual gland. We’re using structural supports to try and develop a larger in vitro thyroid gland, then get them transplanted into mice.” (medpagetoday) Stem cells are being used for multiple matters. In India, there was a “pilot project to restore the eyesight of patients with damaged corneas.” While this procedure is still going through clinical trials, if successful, this would allow Indian patients to receive corneal transplants much quicker, and easier. According to the Post-Gazette, “Dr. Basu said 6.8 million people in India have vision that is less than 20/20 in at least one eye, and because of this, corneal problems exist.” (postgazette) Lastly, recent studies have shown that it is the use of stem cells which helps cure baldness. Dr. G. Radhika Reddy, cosmetologist, believes this new discovery allows people suffering from illnesses, and people who are simply experiencing natural balding, to deal with their issues and find ways to satisfy whichever needs they may have. Dr. Radhika says, “The stem cell would be injected into the scalp in the form of a liquid.” Research has shown that MSCs may one day be used to treat conditions such as:
  • Heart Disease
  • Type 1 Diabetes
  • Lung Cancer
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Injuries to Bones and Cartilage
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