Summertime Free (or Almost Free) Activities for Kids

Summer vacation is finally here! Kids all over are excited to be home and have more time for fun. Parents are excited too, until they start hearing the dreaded words... "Mommy, I'm bored!". Don't worry, AlphaCord blog to the rescue! We have compiled a list of fun activities (both indoor and outdoor) that are sure to be boredom busters. Let us know your favorites below. If you have something fun you do with your kids, please share with us. Happy Summer!
Have a spa day. Do "facials" and face masks. You can also do each other's makeup and take pictures.
Play dress up! This activity is fun for boys and girls. Dress up as your favorite singer or action hero. Your kids may also want to dress up as mom or dad or even a favorite relative! After dressing up, don't forget to have a fashion show and take lots of pictures.Kids_Baking_Cookies_Aprons_H
Have your own Olympics complete with a medal ceremony. You can play your favorite games or add old favorites like an egg toss (obviously this is an outdoor activity!) Invite friends and neighbors and make this an all day affair.
Visit a museum. Lots of museums have free or discounted kids' days, especially during the summer. This is probably an activity for older children who can appreciate (and not get bored) at a museum.
Have a baking party. Make a list of everyone's favorites desserts and try to make them all. Then you can all sit down and enjoy the feast while watching a movie.
Visit your local library and then read your book choices together at the park. You can even turn this into a picnic.
Have a paint party. Cut up an old sheet or use printer paper and design a masterpiece outside. Let the kids get creative and use their imaginations. You can hang the artwork in your family art gallery.
Make a fort using pillows and blankets (or whatever else you have to use) and then have a campout inside. You can camp in there for nap time or even overnight. Bring a laptop inside and enjoy a movie together.
Plan a water fight! You can use water balloons and water guns. Take part in the water fight too. You can even invite the neighbors over for an all out neighborhood war.
Family Idol! Each family member is a contestant. You can pick your favorite songs to sing-along to while the rest of the family watches you perform. This would be excellent to videotape for later viewing.
Plan a pizza party. Use tortillas or crescent rolls as a base and then cut up different toppings. Each child can pick their own toppings and make their own personal pan pizza.