How To : Stay Active During Quarantine

Stay Active During Quarantine.

Well ladies and gentlemen, you have now graduated! Your new career is being a teacher, the lunch lady, a coach, etc. By the way, you are still expected to be the model employee from home! We get it; it is difficult during these uncertain times for you and your family. The boredom accompanied with the uncomfortable feeling of staying in the house all day can be a bit overwhelming, so we put together a list of some fun activities you can do with your family. FUN WITH THE FAMILY
  • Family Exercise
  • Movie Night
  • Family Board Games
  • A New Skill


Remember that good feeling of accomplishment you get after a good workout? Let us not forget it! There are plenty of resources and free exercise tutorials online, or you can come up with your own routine as a family, which would be more fun; you can do this in the backyard with your family on a nice day.

A daily work out between 15-45 minutes can make a huge difference for your body and immune system. Exercise can help with feeling anxious, decrease stress, increase brain power, and tire the little humans out, which will give you some much needed time to yourself!

Family Exercise Ideas

  1. Play Tag
  2. Swim
  3. Hula-Hoop
  4. Jog
  5. Bike Ride
  6. Push-Ups
  1. Yoga
  2. Basketball
  3. Walk the dog
  4. Dance
  5. Family Walk
  6. Backyard Obstacle Course

Whether it is educational, physical, or a new hobby like reading, pottery, or planting, this is a great time to pick up that book, do some reading, and educate yourself! Get those hands dirty! Do what makes your heart smile! By spending more time on your mental and physical growth, you can be a better resource to yourself and your company, when you return to work. If you never learned how to ride a bike or how to knit or sew, this is a great time to learn. I know it has been PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME, but you may want to try some new recipes as well! Take advantage of this time and be proactive.

Family Board Games, Puzzles + Movie Night

Everyone loves a good time; a fun board game, an awesome puzzle, or even a great movie could be just what you need. Choosing the appropriate game for your kids is important. If they are older, get something a little more sophisticated that will keep their interest, that is, if you can pry their phone from their hands.

If they are a bit younger, something less complex and sillier, if you can kindly remove the Lego that you have probably stepped on 32 times in the past week from their little hands. There are parental advisories or suggested ages listed on board game boxes, puzzles, and movies to let you know if it is for suitable for their age group.


Family bonding sounds great, until they turn 16. All jokes aside, family bonding can boost morale, boost your children’s self-esteem, and help with everyone’s communication skills. Try not to think of this time as a time of confinement; embrace the free time you have with your family.

Importance of Social Distancing

Lastly, we want things to get back to normal, we want to go to Target without looking like Darth Vader, and we want to send those little blessings back to their friends and teachers! This is a reminder of how important social distancing is right now. Be patient and disciplined. We are in the era of technology, and you can easily FaceTime or video-call a friend, family member, or someone close to you by phone; many social media apps offer video services as well. Also, there are active online groups that hold meetings, webinars, and video conferences for almost any area of interest. AlphaCord wishes for your family to stay safe, active, positive, and full of laughter. Together, we will get through this.

Remember to stay home and keep your hands clean . Be Safe.

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