How to Soothe Your Teething Baby: 4 Tried and True Remedies

So, it’s happening. Your little one is officially teething. As you’ve probably discovered by now, babies aren’t too fond of teething. Don’t worry mamas, we’ve got some serious gold for you and your teething babe.

So, how do you soothe a teething baby? Well, teething remedies. Lots and lots of teething remedies.

1. Cold Pressure.

Applying something cold to your little one’s gums is great for numbing tender gums and soothing teething pains. Rather than using ice or your typical frozen gel pack, we’re making our own! Super easy and affordable.

How to: Take an ice cube tray (dollar store find, holla!) and fill it with a weakened herbal tea (chamomile is our favorite). Stick a pacifier in the middle of each cube. Fill the tray. Freeze. Once they’re frozen, you can pop them out as needed and let your baby rub his or her gums on the frozen cubes.

Another great option is to put a rubbery baby spoon in the fridge (not the freezer!) to let it get nice and cold. Apply the rounded part to your baby’s gums and voila!

2. Teething Toys.

Teething necklaces are a great option. You can totally D.I.Y your own, or you can purchase one just about anywhere these days, and we love em!

Other teething toys include wooden teething blocks, silicone teething rings, cold & dampened wash clothes. Babies love to chomp down on just about anything, and these teething items should provide some relief for sore gums.

3. Gum Massage

Totally old fashioned, but hey, it works! All you’ll need are your hands—freshly washed of course. Apply gentle pressure to your baby’s gums to help ease the pain of teething.

4. Breastfeeding

Some babies find comfort and pain relief through breastfeeding. For other little ones, it may aggravate the gums. Try rubbing a clean finger over your little one’s gums before and after feeding to try and provide some relief. Ultimately, you’ll know how your baby is responding to it all as you go.

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