Scrapbooking - Ultrasound Photos

Pregnancy is such an exciting time!! You are likely taking pictures whenever possible: professional shoots, family photos, and even at the doctor's office. By your second trimester you have tons of ultrasound pictures. You know you want to keep them forever, but what should you do with them? Don’t just put them in a box. Scrapbook them! Here are some suggestions for ways to scrapbook those ultrasound photos: ultrasound photo 1You can make an individual page for each ultrasound. Make sure to record the date and week in pregnancy. Write a special message to your baby or tell her what you were thinking when you went in for this particular ultrasound. This is something fun you can share with your baby when she gets older. You can also add what has happeneultrasound 2d in history around that date. Maybe the President was elected the same day. Or maybe there was a big event in the family around that ultrasound date. You can even include what you were craving at this time in pregnancy. ultrasound 3Maybe you want to display all the ultrasound pictures on the same page. Laminate each of the pictures and then tape them a little below and under each other (see below for an example). This way you can easily browse pictures of your precious baby before he was born. Take pictures of your belly on the same day of your ultrasound. Put both pictures on the same page to show your baby what you looked like on the outside and what she looked like on the inside. You can add cute notes and let her know she was kicking hard or extra hungry on that date. What a great way to show how much she grew!