Road Trip Ideas for Kids

family fun in the car

Traveling with your children can build great memories you will always cherish. It can also make you want to tear your hair out! The key to a successful road trip is always having a plan of attack. Bring plenty of activities and boredom busters, and don't hand them all out at the beginning of the trip. Try to engage your children on the drive with scavenger hunts and lots of talk about what the plan is when you arrive at your destination. Here are some great ideas we found to help everyone enjoy the road trip. road tripBring a clipboard with lots of fun activities like coloring pages, tic-tac-toe (if there will be two kids in the backseat), or a scavenger hunt. If they have a Switch or other game system, you can always purchase a new special game for the trip. Bring an iPad or a computer with a new movie. If your children like Lego, bring a hard box with some Lego inside. You can ask them to model something they have seen on the road or come up with a new design. Make sure you bring some snacks. I suggest a snack bag filled with a few different small snacks. Our snack bags always include pretzels, carrots, string cheese, popcorn, and Goldfish crackers. You can add something special your children really like. Or you can save the extra special treat for a reward. Make travel bags. You can make a new bag for each state you will cross, and when you cross into that state that bag is opened. You can include movies, books, snacks, and a small toy. Play games in the car. You can play "I spy" or "20 questions."