Your Pregnancy To-Do List - Trimester By Trimester

During your pregnancy, a little miracle is being created. Your baby is growing, your body is changing, and you’re creating the most precious memories imaginable. With all of these new experiences, it can be a bit overwhelming to keep track of everything you need to do to prepare. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Today, we’re sharing some of the most important things you can do to ensure a safe, enjoyable, and stress-free pregnancy.

First trimester

Find an OB/GYN.

If you’ve already got a doctor you love, you’re all set. Otherwise, you’ve got some homework to do! During this time of change, finding an OB/GYN that you’re comfortable with can make all the difference. Ask your family and friends for doctors they recommend. Research patient reviews online. Once you‘ve narrowed it down, set up a meeting with him or her to see if it’s a good fit.

Look into health insurance and pediatricians.

Now that you’re expecting, there will be lots of doctor appointments to come. Check to see what your health insurance covers throughout your pregnancy. Speak with your insurance company and discuss your benefits regarding prenatal care, delivery costs, and care for your child after delivery.

Keep a pregnancy journal.

Being pregnant is an experience like no other. Keep a journal of all your pregnancy milestones and how you’re feeling, take weekly belly photos to see how your baby has grown, and scrapbook your most special events: pregnancy announcements, baby showers, a gender reveal party, delivery day, and more.


Ensuring that you don’t overwork yourself is critical while pregnant. Rest. Take time to relax. Your baby (and tired feet) will thank you.

Stay hydrated.

We know, we know. Guzzling water isn’t your favorite, but understand how it benefits your baby. Staying hydrated and drinking lots of water during pregnancy can help prevent birth defects and delivery complications. If your urine is dark (yep, we said it), you’re not getting enough water into your system. Staying hydrated throughout the day, every day, is so important to support a healthy mom and baby.

If you’re a smoker, quit.

It’s as simple as that. Smoking while pregnant is known to cause a variety of problems, from preterm delivery to fatal birth defects. Smoking during pregnancy is a huge no-no.

Second trimester

Fuel your body with pregnancy superfoods.

Everything mommy eats, baby eats. Choosing nutrient-dense foods such as avocado, green veggies, and chia seeds (does chocolate count?) provides incredible nutrition to baby. Don’t forget your prenatal vitamins!

Start shopping for maternity clothes.

We totally get it—your body is changing in ways you never saw coming, and your clothes aren’t fitting quite right anymore. Make this new shopping experience fun and memorable. Plan a mom’s day out— invite your girls, grab something yummy for lunch, and get to shopping! Be excited about creating this new maternity style.

Start planning maternity leave and postpartum work schedule.

Yes, it’s time to tell your boss. Discuss maternity leave and postpartum plans with him or her. How long do you wish to stay out? Will you work from home or return to work post-delivery? Do you plan to stay home with your child indefinitely? These are things to consider when finding a balance between your job and becoming a new mom.

Create your baby registry.

Grab that scanner and go, go, go! Now this will be fun! Be sure to let friends and family know where you’re registered so they can shower (ha) you and baby with gifts.

Third trimester

Spend time with your significant other.

Happy baby-mooning! Take some time to get away with your significant other one last time before your baby arrives. Use this opportunity to talk about the exciting things to come and what you look forward to most.

Prepare your home for baby.

Picture this—you’ve just delivered your precious babe, and it’s time to go home. You walk through the door and see this: laundry on the floor, an empty fridge, and clutter is everywhere. Umm… no, thanks! It’s time to get the house ready for baby—prep and freeze meals for quick and easy dinners, clean what you can, and keep up with laundry to make coming home from the hospital a return that doesn’t involve a chore list!

Prepare the nursery.

Time to get your baby’s room ready for a new little person. Wash any new sheets, baby-proof the room, and get that diaper station ready! Trust me; you’ll thank us later.

Finalize all cord blood banking enrollment plans with AlphaCord.

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