Maternity Hospital Bag - What to Pack

essential-hospital-bag-checklistWhile preparing to go to the hospital to finally meet your bundle of joy, most parents pack a hospital bag of things you will need while there. There is no rule as to what to include in your hospital bag. Depending on your birth plan, you may need to bring different items. We have searched around for the best advice and below is what we have compiled. Make sure to ask your doctor if there is anything else you might need to bring! Of course, if you are collecting Cord Blood, make sure you pack the kit in your hospital bag.
For You
A robe (you'll want your own)
Nursing shirts or pajamas
Nursing bras
Nipple cream
Comfy maternity clothes to go home in (you will probably still have a bump)
Wallet - with your ID and insurance card
Toiletries - toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, lotion, deodorant, hair tie, brush, blow dryer, etc.
Phone and charger
iPad, computer, and/or Kindle
Nursing pillow or Boppy
iPod with relaxing playlist
Camera and charger (for the hundreds of pictures you will want to take)
For Baby
Outfits for the hospital (the hospital might have some too, but you may want your own)
Hat, mitts, and socks
LOTS of burp cloths
Special going home outfit
Swaddler and receiving blankets
Infant car seat (have this installed before you check in to the hospital)