Pregnancy Facts - First Trimester

You probably just found out you are pregnant. It’s only been a few weeks since you learned you will be having a baby. What’s going on in your body? How is your baby growing? Here are some quick facts about the first trimester of pregnancy:
6 weeks pregnant

At six weeks, your baby is the size of a bean! Yet, he or she already has a heartbeat.

Also at six weeks, your uterus has expanded to the size of an apple from the size of a plum. Your jeans may start to feel tight.

By ten weeks, your baby already has eyes, ears, nose, and a mouth. He or she already has all four limb buds and fingers and toes. All major organs are already formed and fully functional!

Although still difficult to tell by ultrasound, your baby’s reproductive organs have already developed.fetus at 12 weeks

Your baby is fully formed at the end of the first trimester, but only weighs about 1 ounce!

*Photos from WebMD