Potty Training Tips

Photo credit: Sunrise Diaper Service Photo credit: Sunrise Diaper Service
It's time to potty train. This is a time of frustration and stress for many parents. It doesn't have to be, however! We have collected some of the best tips we can find to make potty training stress free for both you and your child! If you have any great tips, leave them in the comments section to help other parents! Happy potty training! Be consistent. If multiple people are helping with potty training, make sure everyone is on the same page with the rules, rewards, motivation, etc. Consistency is key. Keep a potty in sight. This way they know they are able to run to it when they feel the need to do so. Let your child pick their underwear. If they are wearing underwear they really like, they will be more motivated to keep it clean and dry. Offer rewards for successful potty trips. This can be whatever your child considers to be a reward. Maybe it's a sticker chart or some M&Ms. Stay positive. You don't want them to associate potty training with negative emotions. If they have an accident just remind them to use the potty next time. While potty training and at home, give lots of fluids. This will help them stay regular and want to use the potty.