Online Summer Camps

Online Summer Camps
for the kids.

As a parent you want the absolute best for your child/children. You want to seize every opportunity to healthily push your child closer to success. Although school is out, learning can continue on. This can actually be the perfect opportunity to focus on your child's interests and invest in them. Let your child decide what makes them jump for joy.

Allowing them to choose can help to relieve the stress of picking topics they have no interest in. What they choose can help to develop a passion that can lead to a very bright and successful future. Parents, together you and your kids will have so much fun while making memories that will last a lifetime. So! Are they creative, dramatic, techy, animal lovers, or E! All of the above? Below we have a few Online Summer Camps that go from June to August! Remember to have fun and be supportive.


their passion?

  1. Minecraft
  2. Blue Sky Kids
  3. Geography + Science
  4. STEAM & Literacy
  5. CampSuperNow
  1. Virtual Art
  2. Explorers
  3. STEM Learning
  4. PBS Kids!
  5. Coding
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Coding with Kids!

So, as we talk about investing in our kids futures. . . introduce them to Coding. As the world advances, so does technology. (or is it the other way around?) Picking up a skill like coding can bring your child a ton of opportunities. As a child they are able to get that experience at a young age and hopefully continue through high school and on into college.

Not only will your child have a new skill, but they will have more employment opportunities available to them in the future. Computer programmers are highly sought after, no matter what career they may decide to pursue. Computer programming is definitely the future. Coding is a fun way to learn math and be creative while doing it.

Summer Camp
Great Lakes Aquarium

Is your kid an animal lover? Great Lakes Aquarium’s camp delivers some of the best elements of our popular summer day camp programs right to your door! This camp is for kids, Kindergarten - 5th Grade! Each Summer Camp in a Box includes the following elements for a one-week experience:

  • Great Lakes Aquarium Summer Camp Online
  • Kindergarten - 5th Grade

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