How To Get Pregnant With Your Tubes Tied Without Surgery

How To Get Pregnant With Your Tubes Tied Without Surgery
Have you found yourself ready for another baby even though you’ve had your tubes tied (also known as tubal ligation surgery)? Are you wondering if you should get your tubes tied but are curious about options to have another baby just in case you change your mind down the road? While it’s best to hold off on getting your tubes tied until you’re completely confident you’re done bringing little bundles of joy into the world, there are technically two options for you if you’re wondering how to get pregnant with your tubes tied without surgery.

Option 1: Hoping & Praying For Tubal Ligation Failure (Not Recommended)

Tubal ligation is an almost 100% effective treatment for preventing pregnancy, especially for properly-performed surgeries. Furthermore, a spontaneous pregnancy after tubal ligation could indicate an ectopic pregnancy, a situation in which you never want to find yourself. Because the success of the hoping and praying option involves mistakes during surgery and possibly life-threatening medical scenarios, this is not a way we would recommend getting pregnant with tubes tied.

Option 2: In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

If you’re wondering how to get pregnant with your tubes tied without surgery, the best option is to pursue in vitro fertilization. For various reasons, this medical procedure has skyrocketed in popularity in the past decade. It can help you get pregnant with your tubes tied if you don’t want to pursue a tubal ligation reversal.

Tubal Ligation And IVF: What You Need To Know

Tubal ligation interrupts an egg’s pathway to the uterus, preventing fertilization. It does this by cutting off the fallopian tubes (hence the term “tubes tied”). However, tubal ligation doesn’t interfere with the ovaries or the uterus, so IVF becomes an excellent option for getting pregnant with your tubes tied without surgery.

What Is IVF And How Does It Work?

IVF is a standard method for women who have trouble getting pregnant naturally. IVF doctors work to create personalized strategies based on fertility test results to help you become pregnant. Getting pregnant with IVF involves the following steps:
  1. Hormone injections to jump-start follicle growth in your ovaries.
  2. Attending regular appointments where you’ll undergo blood work and ultrasounds to monitor your ovaries response to the medication and ensure your follicles are growing.
  3. Once your follicles have matured, you’ll undergo a surgical procedure to remove your eggs from your ovaries surgically.
  4. Mature eggs are fertilized in the lab with your partner’s or donor’s sperm.
  5. An embryo will then be transferred to your uterus.

How Successful Is IVF For Women Who’ve Had Their Tubes Tied?

The success of IVF depends on many factors, such as age and whether you’ve had difficulty conceiving in the past. IVF has helped women like you get pregnant with their tubes tied without surgery, but the procedure has drawbacks such as cost and stress to your body.

Other Options For Getting Pregnant After Your Tubes Are Tied

Aside from IVF, a tubal ligation reversal is another option for having a baby after getting your tubes tied. Unfortunately, IVF is the only viable option for how to get your tubes tied without surgery, and it still involves a surgical procedure to remove your eggs. Tubal ligation reversal may be a more desirable option for you. Discussing the risks and benefits of every opportunity with your doctor should help you arrive at a decision that feels most supportive in bringing a new life into this world. Whether you get pregnant with your tubes tied without surgery or undergo reversal surgery, when your baby arrives, your top priority is keeping them as safe and healthy as possible. That’s why at AlphaCord, we offer stem cell banking services so you can provide your child with valuable stem cells should the unthinkable ever happen to their health. What’s more, we’re passionate about providing this essential service to families of all backgrounds. A core building block of our mission is to deliver premium stem cell banking at an accessible price to everyone. If you’d like to learn more about how stem cell banking empowers parents to be the ultimate advocate of their baby’s health, download your free information guide today.