How To Freeze A Moment In Time - Back To School Time Tradition

It's back-to-school time, and every time I take a closer look, my nine-year-old seems to grow another inch. One of our family's favorite back-to-school traditions and my small attempt to "freeze a moment in time" is having my boys fill out an All About Me Worksheet . All About Me Worksheet Each year right before school starts, my boys fill out a quick worksheet about their favorite things. I save each year's sheet in my school paperwork binder under the "All About Me" category. It's very easy to do and so rewarding. Here are some of my favorite answers:
  • Enzo (age 4): What is something you are really good at? rolling
  • Ryan (age 9): What do you want to be when you grow up? secret agent or ninja
You will be amazed at some of their answers and how some things change and some stay the same year after year. (Really?? Mac & Cheese is your favorite food for the last 4 years! At least this year, Ryan added "lobster" as the type of Mac & Cheese he likes best.) Please share some of your favorite answers with us and let us know if this becomes one of your favorite back-to-school traditions, too.