Happy Father's Day! Crafts for Dad

This weekend is Father's Day, and what better way to show him how much you love him than by giving him a gift from your heart. Here are some crafts that can be done by all, young and slightly less young. Let us know if you made any of the crafts we listed. If you have any Father's Day craft suggestions leave them in the comments section below.
(photo credit: innerchildfun.com)
Create a Daddy's Car Wash Gift Set. You can include waxes, soaps, seat cleaners, sponges, towels, air fresheners, tire cleaners, and more!
(photo credit: papercrave.com)
If you have a small gift or baked cookies you can make Father's Day gift bags. Take a paper bag and paint it or find a colored paper bag. You can even make a paper bag out of colored paper. Next, cut out a tie from scrapbook paper (or decorate your own tie on plain paper). Just glue the tie to the bag and you are done! Create a "You're the Best Dad, Hands Down" card or canvas. Paint or decorate the canvas or plain paper. Trace your children's hands on decorated paper or scrapbook paper. Cut out the hand shapes and glue to the paper or canvas. Make sure you write your quote on there too!