Fourth of July Crafts for Kids

Independence Day is almost here, and one of our favorite things about the holiday is spending it with family. Decorating for the holiday is always a fun part of days off, and what better way to decorate than to make your own decoration crafts? Here are some of our favorite Fourth of July kids' crafts we have found. Enjoy! popsticks craftPopsicle Stick Flags Have the children paint popsicle sticks red and white. Glue the sticks in alternating red and white down on cardstock, a paper plate, or any other hard surface you want to hold your flag. Tape off the upper left section of the flag and have the children paint this navy blue. You can add stickers, white paint, or rhinestones as the stars. Hand Print Flag First, paint your child's hand with a flag. A blue corner on the upper left, then the stripes. Stamp your child's hand onto the paper and there you go! paper-fireworksCoffee Filter Fireworks Paint some coffee filters red, others blue, and leave the rest white. Let them dry. Cut the edges of the coffee filters into strips (they should all still be attached to the center) to make the "petals" of the fireworks. Cut about 2 inches from one of the pipe cleaners and set that aside. Put the rest of the pipe cleaner through the middle of the filter. Flip the filter upside down, gather the "petals" around the pipe cleaner and then secure them in place with the smaller section of the pipe cleaner you cut earlier. Turn the firework right-side up again and repeat with the remaining coffee filters. Now you have safe fireworks for the kids!