His First Father’s Day - How To Make It A Great One!

Him. He’s your favorite. Well, he was until your precious bundle of joy came into this world (ha). It’s your favorite thing to watch—the man you love snuggling up with this new little life you’ve created together. It’s been quite the journey to say the least. Late nights, early mornings, diaper changes, feedings, crying, snuggles. Oh, the snuggles. He cozies up with your little bundle of joy and you can feel the bond between them. What can you say? He’s a pretty incredible daddy. On his first Father’s Day, let’s honor the man who recently became a daddy.
  1. Let him sleep in. Be honest—you’d totally want the same for Mother’s Day. Let him sleep later than he typically might have. When your little one just can’t stand to be away from him any longer, let him or her wake dad up with lots of Father’s Day love!
  2. Let him play his video games (don’t worry, we’re rolling our eyes too). Let him have his man time (or whatever he calls it). Allow him time to unwind and play those games he loves.
  3. Make his favorite meal. Every man loves to eat. Take the time to plan his favorite meal—get fresh ingredients and have your little one help make it!
  4. Have the kid(s) make daddy a gift. This is a no brainer! Have the kids make something special for dad, even if it’s not perfect. He will love something hand-made!
  5. Time together. Now that baby is here, quality time between the two of you is out the window most days. Take this day to set aside special time for you and him to spend time together alone. He will enjoy the time with you.
Happy Father’s Day to our AlphaCord dads! Connect with us on Facebook and tell us how you celebrated Father’s Day this year.