Father's Day : We're honoring you, Dad.

Father's Day
Are you ready?

Strong. Courageous. Loving. Provider. A True Hero. We're dedicating June to the dads in our lives. Father's day is a time where we show our love and appreciation to our fathers, biological or not. We acknowledge all of the sacrifices dad has made for us, all of the lessons, and the advice he has given. Being a father is never an easy job, but to take on that role is extremely brave. Dads make a huge difference in the lives of their children.

From every game played, to that very first father/daughter dance, every joke made at the dinner table, and the time when you got in trouble by mom, but dad came to the rescue. We all needed the involvement, love, and discipline from our fathers. It helped us be the best we can be. So, here's to the men that guided us, taught us how to love, and lifted us when we were down. This is the perfect time to thank them for being our superheroes. Thank them for shaping and molding our children into leaders. Below we are listing tips for how to honor your father. Plus we have some great gift ideas too!


Gifts Listed + Other Ideas

Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

Does dad leave his coffee or tea unattended? This is the perfect gift for him! Whether he's rushing to the office, trying to stay up with a restless baby, or has to pop in a quick meeting. No one has time to reheat coffee or wait for the coffee maker... This mug does it on its own. It can be controlled by using your phone or by using the charging coaster. Sounds cool huh? Order Now.

Arts & Crafts

Everyone loves a good arts & crafts project. Print-out printables for the kids and take part in a d.i.y project. Give dad a homemade surprise he'll never forget. Below are a few websites with printables

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D.I.Y Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream

How cool would it be to make dad his own shaving cream? Things you'll need:

Need the tutorial?

Let's make breakfast.

Put a fruit salad on the side. Health is wealth.

Add Pancakes.

  1. Make your pancake batter and put it to the side.
  2. Get your pans and heart shaped cookie cutters ready.
  3. Put your heart-shaped cookie cutter onto the pan and hold it down. You can also use a utensil to hold it down, so you won't burn your hands.
  4. Pour your batter into the cookie cutter with your other hand.
  5. Once it has cooked, flip your pancake cookie cutter with your spatula for the other side to cook!
  6. Continue till you reach the amount you want.


  1. Play golf
  2. Go out to eat
  3. Bike ride
  4. Picnic
  5. Backyard BBQ
  6. Go camping
  1. Go fishing
  2. Have brunch
  3. Family game night
  4. Pamper dad - spa
  5. Have a basketball game
  6. Go to the beach

Be Safe. Continue washing your hands.

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