Essential Guide For Traveling With the Littles This Summer

Sometimes traveling with kids can feel like you have a whole army in the backseat. Although it may seem overwhelming at first, it’s always worth the trip! Hi, I’m Olivia. As a mom of an almost-5-year-old and an 8-month-old, I can testify. The tired, crying, mess of babes in the backseat is worth every minute of squishy toes in the sand and beautiful views across the water (can you tell I like the beach?). Jump in, mamas! Here is your essential guide to traveling with your littles.
Oh, the joy. If you are staying somewhere with a washer and dryer, play the minimalist and pack essentials only (let’s be real ladies... we overpack). Keep your load light and pack at least 2 outfits a day for any non-potty trained babes. Keep in mind— while most hotels offer towel service, condominiums or rentals typically do not. Be sure to confirm whether you’ll need towels—you wouldn’t want to be without those!
Because there isn’t enough at home, right? Ha. Now comes the hard part of deciding what and how many to pack. Here’s a fun tip— Bring at least one NEW toy for the kids to open once you’re on the road (thank me later!). Let them pick out a few of their favorite toys or a blanket to help keep them comfortable and entertained while away from home. My advice? Unless you're venturing out to an amusement park or somewhere with lots of walking, leave the stroller at home and pack a carrier!
Preparing the Car and Your Littles For a Long Ride.
Talk about the trip in the upcoming week—keep the kids excited! Start a countdown and get them mentally prepared. In today’s world, portable DVD players, tablets, and cell phones will likely become your go-to for the inevitable question of the day, “Are we there yet?” Prep your phone or tablet with data friendly apps, games, and movies. (Be sure to pack headphones! TRUST ME.) Our family’s car-ride “saving Grace” is the Invisible Ink Coloring Books; these keep the kids coloring and happy while not ruining your car with the mess of markers or melted crayons.
Y’all, snacks! Snacks on snacks on SNACKS! You cannot have enough snacks. Pack your cooler with some cold, refreshing munchies and drinks that keep the tummy and energy at ease. Gatorade and food pouches save us on long car rides. Fruits and homemade sammies make the long hours a bit less crazy too. Because let’s be real— kids get bored and are instantly STARVING.
Get On The Road EARLY!
When we say early, we mean crack of dawn early (a.k.a. before the sun and littles rise). This keeps the kids sleeping for the first part of the trip and should get you on your way. After a few hours, and once the kiddos wake up, stop for breakfast at a place their energy can be let out. Restaurants with play areas are key to look out for while on the road. One they’ve tired themselves out, get back on the road fast! Pop in a movie or play a game. Always plan to stop more than expected for potty breaks or uncomfortable wigglers who just need to shake off the ride and walk around. Enjoy your family trip! Connect with us on Facebook and tell us your favorite tips for traveling with the babes! Save Save Save