End of Summer Activities for Kids

While summer vacation is coming to an end, there is still time to fit in some last minute summer activities. We have compiled a list of our favorite kids' activities to end the summer! Let us know if you have any activities to add to this list.

  • Create! Do some form of art with your family. You can finger paint, draw with chalk outside, or visit a paint-your-own-pottery at a pottery studio.
  • Camp out! You can camp out inside or outside. At home or at a park. Make it more fun with treats like smores and tell campfire stories. Parents (and older kids), this may be a good opportunity to disconnect from technology for a bit.
  • Visit a drive-in! If you area has a local drive-in, take some blankets and snacks and go watch a movie. If not, make a drive-in at your house or just have a movie night with the family.9059469-children-reading-the-book-on-picnic-in-summer-park
  • Plant a garden! If you want a garden at your house, do it there. If not, find someone who can use some help and do something nice for someone else.
  • Make ice cream! Yum yum! Who doesn't love ice cream? You can make ice cream at home (without a fancy machine) or take a trip to a local ice cream or frozen yogurt shop for a special treat.
  • Visit a museum! Check to see if your area has a children's museum or a museum with children's exhibits. There may also be history museums in your area that will offer a great learning experience. Make sure to see if your local museums have any free admission days.
  • Be a bookworm! Have everyone grab a book and have a picnic followed by some reading time outside. This is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. You can even have an outdoors book club with the family.how-to-tie-dye-06
  • Tie-dye! You can tie-dye anything: shirts, socks, bed sheets, or hair scrunchies. Either make your own tie-dye or buy a kit at your local craft store. This may be best done outside!
  • Go on a scavenger hunt! Make a treasure map or give them a list of things from nature to collect. You can do this in teams with a group of friends too. What a fun outside activity!