Dads, Here’s Your Official PSA: How to Plan The Perfect Mother’s Day

Okay, Dads. Let’s be real. Like, really real. Moms ROCK! They do so much to keep your days running smoothly. From packing lunches, to cleaning, to planning, to organizing events— moms do it all. Don’t get us wrong, we know you dads rock it too, but this month, we’re loving on our moms.
Flowers and a card? Overrated. Breakfast in bed? Nice, but predictable. Brunch? Overcrowded. This year, give the mother of your children some creativity and thoughtfulness, something she won’t expect; make her feel appreciated and loved. Consider this your official heads up! Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 14th— so don’t forget. We’ve got the hook up on how to plan the perfect Mother’s Day for your special lady.

1. Take the kids OUT.

Let mom sleep in. Like, really sleep in. When the kids wake up, get them ready (alone, no help from mom) and take them out. Go to the park, a morning movie, anything that will give moms some quiet time in the morning to sleep in and relax.

2. Spa Day

Dads, you had to know THIS one would be on the list. Every woman loves to be pampered, so why not on this special day? We’re not just talking about a mani-pedi, we’re talking about a full body massage, a facial, a seaweed wrap. If you’re having trouble, ask the receptionist at the spa for help—you’ll earn brownie points even before she arrives.

3. Mother’s Day Picnic

It is Mother’s Day, isn’t it? Let the kids get involved in this one. Have them help you make Mom’s favorite foods and pack the basket. Bring a nice picnic blanket, and think outside the box—this is more than just an ordinary picnic at the park.

4. Arrange a Girl’s Afternoon or Night Out with Her Best Friend

Put this plan date in secrecy by conspiring with her best friend. If her BFF is also a mom, you can make it a Mother’s Day surprise for two by planning this with her family as well. While moms are out, have your kids help you clean the house!

5. Candlelight Dinner

Moms still appreciate a little romance every now and then. Trust us. For this, prepare her favorite meal, even if it’s simple. The gesture will show her that you really care, and it’ll feel like back in the day. Light some candles, set the table, the whole nine. Mix it up when it comes to flowers. And of course, don’t forget dessert.

6. Homemade Gifts from Kids

This one is a no brainer. If the kids don’t get the opportunity to make Mother’s Day gifts at school, have them make gifts while mom is having her time. Have them get creative with their gifts: create a homemade picture frame for a family photo, personalized coasters, or a giant Mother’s Day card.

7. Take Her to Something YOU Wouldn’t Normally Want To Do

She’s been wanting to see that new chick-flick. She’s been wanting to go dancing or to a cooking lesson. Now is the time to make that happen, even if you don’t really love it.

8. Allow Your Mom-To-Be to Give Their Baby Every Advantage

At AlphaCord, we help moms provide a once in a lifetime opportunity for their baby each and every day. Give your mom-to-be the best gift there is for your baby—cord blood and tissue banking, just in case you need it.

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