Cute Ladybug Baby Shower Ideas

Cute Ladybug Baby Shower Ideas

Ladybug Shower Invitations

A quick search on Etsy delivers plenty of ideas for adorable invitations to send to your loved ones for the big event! If you’re more hands-on and love creating things yourself, Canva has hundreds of invitation templates and design components that allow you to let your creativity shine.

Ladybug Baby Shower Decorations

Embracing a ladybug baby shower means leaning into the bold black and red colors for your decorations! There is no shortage of ways to do that, as you’ll find with these adorable ladybug baby shower decoration ideas.

Ladybug Balloon Garland

Incorporating a festive balloon garland adds a festive feel to any event! Depending on your venue, you can place one around a table where guests enter, around a photo-opp display, trees, stair rails, or anything else that could support a beautiful, bold, black, and red garland!

Ladybug-Themed Centerpieces

There’s nothing like a festive centerpiece to make any table setting beautiful. A ladybug baby shower is perfect for creating stand-out centerpieces with red flowers and punchy vase accents.

Red Flower Ideas:

  • Roses
  • Carnations
  • Zinnia
  • Gerber Daisy
  • Tulips
  • Calla Lilies
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Astilbe

Vase Ideas

The vase you use can tie into the ladybug baby shower theme as well.
  • Mason jars with black and white polka-dot ribbons tied around them.
  • Simple red or black vases.
  • Mason jars decorated with custom decals to commemorate your shower details
  • A simple metal pot that guests could even take home to plant herbs or other plants in.

Other Decorations

Your imagination is the only limit to what ladybug shower ideas you can incorporate into your baby shower. An excellent complement to the black and red polka dots is red and white checkers. It helps create a picnic-type feel. You’ll find plenty of decorations that work for tablecloths, straws, dishes, serving platters, and anything else you need: just know Etsy is your best friend when it comes to making your vision come to life!

Ladybug Shower Menu

Shower guests always look forward to the food and snacks, and there are plenty of adorable options for serving up serious ladybug-themed yumminess!

Chocolate-Dipped Ladybug Strawberries

You can dip strawberries partway in chocolate and create little chocolate spots on the rest of the strawberry to make it look like a little ladybug!

Ladybug Cookies

One of the most straightforward ways to serve ladybug-themed deliciousness is to decorate sugar cookies with frosting to create the wings and little ladybug faces!

Fruit Salad

Make a beautiful (and healthy) fruit salad with watermelon, strawberries, and raspberries to represent the red wings. Some fresh blueberries add the ladybug dots!


While there are plenty of venue options when gathering your ladybug baby shower idea, there’s no denying that an outdoor venue is fitting. Perhaps you or a friend have a garden setting where you can host your shower. If not, you can always look into botanical gardens or parks for a nice nature-filled setting. If you’re concerned about inclement weather, the great thing is you make any venue pop with your ladybug decor! Ultimately, you want a venue where your guests will feel comfortable and fits your vision.

Party Favors

You always want to give your guests something special to remember your shower, and these ladybug shower ideas for party favors will inspire you to deliver that special something in the perfect way. A few party favor ideas include:
  • Customized ladybug print mugs with the shower date on them
  • Ladybug print journals
  • Wildflower seed mix
  • Small planters with miniature red roses
  • Candle tins with customized stickers

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