Cord Blood Banking Anticoagulants: CPD vs. Heparin

When it comes to cord blood banking, utilizing materials of the highest standard is extremely important to the success of sample collection and viability. From the components of our collection kit to our laboratory’s sample processing and storage procedures, each and every division of AlphaCord is FDA regulated.

One of the most important elements of the cord blood banking process is the type of anticoagulant used to preserve your baby’s stem cells. This is used to preserve your baby’s sample from point of collection to the processing period.

When you receive your collection kit, the anticoagulant is already inside of your cord blood bag and ready for sample collection. With the anticoagulant already inside of the cord blood bag, it immediately begins its anticoagulant effects when the blood is collected.

AlphaCord uses the FDA-preferred anticoagulant called CPD (citrate-phosphate-dextrose). CPD has been widely chosen as the industry’s most effective, safest anticoagulant for umbilical cord blood banking. When compared to Heparin (an anticoagulant derived from slaughtered meat animals), CPD maintains a significantly lower toxicity level. Exposure to bacteria, viruses, and other damaging effects are highly unlikely, as CPD is not derived from animals or other creatures.

Due to several large recalls and deaths related to the use of heparin, the FDA strongly recommends the use of citrate-based anti-coagulants, such a CPD, for cord blood banking. CPD has been proven to preserve cord blood stem cells longer and stronger than Heparin, as Heparin only maintains its anticoagulant effects for an average of 12 hours (yikes!). CPD, on the other hand, maintains its effects for up to 72 hours.

CPD is also recognized as the anticoagulant with the lowest level of toxicity toward cord blood stem cells, thus protecting more stem cells to be processed. It’s a win-win!

As expecting parents, choosing a cord blood banking company that provides the safest, most effective methods for your baby’s sample is the #1 factor. Speak with a Cord Blood Specialist today at 866-396-7283 to find out more about why AlphaCord is OBGYNs' & Parents' #1 choice for cord blood banking.

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