Cerebral Palsy Treated Using Stem Cells from Stored Cord Blood

LBA two-year-old boy in Germany with Cerebral Palsy has successfully been treated with his own stem cells. The child, known only as L.B., was left in a vegetative state after going into cardiac arrest as an infant. He had severe brain damage. The doctors told his parents that his chances for survival were slim. Until now, there have been no treatments for infantile cerebral palsy. The parents did not give up, and they searched for other options. They contacted the Campus Clinic Gynaecology, who performed the stem cell treatment. L.B.'s stem cells were stored at birth, and these were the cells that were infused into his body intravenously. This was done nine weeks after the brain damage occurred. After two months, L.B. was sitting up, he could see, smile, and speak simple words. After about 40 months from the day of the treatment, he is now able to eat independently, walk with assistance, and form four-word sentences. Using his own cord blood stored at birth, the doctors were able to provide a therapy that took L.B. out of a vegetative state, and he is showing remarkable recovery. For more information on how to store your baby's life-saving Stem Cells in their Cord Blood at birth click HERE!