Best Ways For Announcing Pregnancy To Siblings

Announcing pregnancy to siblings so they can be excited to be a big brother or sister! Explore creative tips on sharing the news with your other children!
Best Ways For Announcing Pregnancy To Siblings

Surprise! You just found out that you are pregnant, and your partner is just as excited as you are for the news - especially if you announced your pregnancy to them in a fun and creative way. Now you will want to think of equally as fun and innovative ways to tell your other children that they will be a big brother or sister!

A growing family is so exciting and wonderful. Still, it can also be a confusing time in some households if you have any other children, especially if this is the first time they are going to be a big brother or sister. The way you go about announcing pregnancy to siblings of the baby will have a huge impact on how they take the news…so why not make it as fun, creative, and exciting as possible?!

In today’s discussion, we are going to share some fun and exciting ways to deliver the big news to the other children in your family so they are just as delighted as you are!


Announcing your pregnancy to future siblings can be such a special moment for your entire family, and that is why you and your partner should have a little discussion before you share the news with your other children. The first thing you should consider is the age of your other children because this will most likely affect how they take it. If you are a back-to-back parent and your first baby is under two years of age, then chances are you won’t have to have a sit-down conversation with them, and they probably won’t have a grasp of what’s going on until the baby arrives. However, if your first child is at an age where they can speak and have a general understanding of family (typically around four years of age and older), then a little preparation goes a long way.

You know your child better than anyone, so you are most likely going to have the best judgment as to how they may react. Do they have younger cousins with who they get along? Have they ever seen a newborn before, and if so, how did they react? Or perhaps they have even mentioned to you that they want a little brother or sister? Thinking about these questions with your partner can help you choose a way that might work best for your child.

Keep in mind that if your first child has been the only child for quite some time, they may be reluctant to share their mommy and daddy with a newborn - don’t worry, this will pass, but it is a common reaction for young children in early childhood.

5 Best Tips: Announcing Pregnancy To Siblings

So now here comes the fun part! You have already discussed the news with your family and maybe feel a bit anxious about delivering the news, but these adorable and creative ways are going to make it so much easier for you!

  1. Throw a mini-party
    Go to the dollar store and grab some party hats and balloons. Surprise your child and when they ask what the occasion is, tell them “Congratulations, you are going to be a big sister or big brother!” This method is fun for the family and plus, who doesn’t love a party?!
  2. Custom Cookies & Cake
    You can have a custom cookie or cake made that sends the message for you. Custom desserts can say things like “Big Brother” or “Big Sister” on them. Have dinner as usual and then when you are ready to announce your news to your child, give them their cookie and watch their reaction!
  3. Scavenger Hunt
    This is more suitable for younger children, but kids love a good game or scavenger hunt! You don’t have to make the entire theme of the hunt baby-related but let them know that you have left clues and riddles for them around the house, and when they finish, they will get a surprise! The surprise could include a custom cookie, something baby-related, a card or letter, or even a custom t-shirt!
  4. Matching Outfits or Shoes
    This one is such a cute idea, but the idea is to buy 2 of the same thing but in different sizes - one for the newborn and one for the other child. It will be easy to coordinate if you stick to a plain colored shirt and pants or shoes. Give both to your child and when they look confused, tell them they have a little brother or sister on the way! The great thing about this one is that you can use these outfits to take photos when the baby is here!
  5. Custom or DIY Puzzle
    Some companies make custom puzzles for children, which could be a great activity to deliver the news. If you opt for a custom-made puzzle, you can choose images, text, size, etc. But if you want to go the quick and easy route, you can simply buy a cheap puzzle from the dollar store and some paint and sharpies. Paint over each piece (ideally 8-10 pieces if you get a kids puzzle) and then put it together to write your message on it. Once it is dry, take the puzzle apart and have the future big sibling put it together!

Announcing pregnancy to siblings should be a moment that you and your family cherish forever, and how you decide to share the news can help make the transition a bit easier for your other children.