Beach Vacation Tips

Who doesn't love a beach vacation? I know I do! However, a beach vacation always comes with its own set of challenges and planning. So, we have written a beach vacation tips blog. Read our tips below, and don't forget to share your own. Happy vacation!
  • diverse_kids_beachMake sure you bring some good sun protection. Your sunscreen shouldn't be more than a year old. Also think about investing in an umbrella you stick in the sand, especially if you have little ones.
  • Beach toys! These will come in so handy while vacationing with children at the beach. A child will play in the sand for hours with a pail and shovel, especially under the beach umbrella!
  • Snacks, snacks, snacks. Nothing causes a meltdown faster than hunger! Bring a cooler with lots of water. Make sure to pack snacks that will not go bad in the sun (or at least will last in the cooler). Goldfish, chips, pretzels, and fruit are all perfect snacks.
  • Use baby powder to get sand off your skin. Just apply the baby powder on the sand and wipe off.
  • Bring hats! Even when wearing sunscreen, the sun can be killer on your face.
  • Back to snacks. Freeze grapes and then bring them in the cooler. They will be both hydrating and cooling. Have fun!!