5 Tips For Writing Your Own Birth Plan

1. Keep it short, clear, assertive, and very easy to understand.

2. Do your research.

Part of knowing what your preferences are for childbirth requires research. Talk with your healthcare provider. They may have birth plan samples and important things to consider for your particular birth. Visit the hospital/birth center. Make sure your hospital can accommodate your personal preferences. If they can’t, find somewhere that will. Know your body – birthing physiology. There are a lot of different physiological responses occurring during labor. Knowing what is happening to your body will help you successfully achieve your ideal birth experience.

3. Make your birth plan personal.

Don’t just use a checklist. Keep exactly what you want your healthcare providers to know and nothing else. No one wants to scan through a 6-page document to see what you don’t want.

4. Start early.

This is not the time to procrastinate. Start writing your plan early, so you have a chance to get all your preferences clarified with your healthcare provider, well in advance of your due date.

5. Have fun.

Writing your birth plan can feel like a chore if you let it. Keep reminding yourself that this is for you. Take all the time you need and don’t worry about doing it perfectly or covering every possible scenario. Just prioritize the most important things to you. Below you will find some helpful resources to use as you begin to write your own birth plan. Don’t forget to discuss with your healthcare provider your choice to bank your newborn child’s stem cells. Want more information about banking your baby’s stem cells? Request a free info kit HERE.

Useful Birth Planning Links