4 Family-Friendly, Fun Easter Egg Dyeing Ideas

The Easter season is full of family-friendly fun. The egg hunts, pictures with the Easter Bunny, the weather getting nicer, what’s not to love? Our personal favorite activity of the season? Egg-dyeing! It’s a family event for all ages and typically involves a little friendly competition for who creates the best work of art – and creativity mixed with competition is our favorite. 1. Use a whisk: You know those tiny little egg holders that come in the egg-dyeing kits that can’t even hold the weight of a paperclip? Yeah, we’re not big fans either. Use a pliable whisk – the rubber ones work great – and place the egg in the middle. Now you’ve got a much better grip on your handle, and your fingers don’t even go near the dye! 2. Dye with rice: To get a unique and speckled look, try dyeing your eggs with rice. To achieve this, you put a cup of uncooked rice in a brown paper lunch bag, then squeeze a liberal amount of food coloring into the bag. Use a straw to mix the dye in and try to coat as much rice as you can – it does not have to be perfect. Next, place the egg into the bag of rice, crumple up the open end of the bag with a fist, and shake! To turn it up a notch: make several bags of dyed rice in various colors, and then combine them to create a multi-colored speckled egg! 3. Decorate with confetti: Weary about using artificial dyes? Here’s an alternative: make your own confetti by using a hole puncher on various colors of tissue paper. Use a glue stick to cover the egg with glue, and then roll it over the confetti you just made. Ta-da! Pretty eggs with no risk of dye-related mishaps. 4. Remove the dye with ease: Are your little one’s fingers a nice shade of purple yet? That’s okay – we have a solution for you! Have your child cup his or her hands together over the sink as you sprinkle baking soda over the dyed digits. Then, pour vinegar over the baking soda; you’ll see the solution begin to bubble (a science experiment AND clean hands – a win-win we’d say!) Have your child rub semi-vigorously and voila – all clean! Once you’ve made your eggs, post a photo and tag us on Facebook, and you could be featured in our next Client Spotlight Moments!