2 Cool Techie Finds For Expecting Parents & Baby

Before Baby Arrives

Fetal Doppler

Don't Miss A Beat

Even before your child is born . . . you can monitor its every heartbeat. Fetal Dopplers are a fantastic way to monitor your baby in between doctor visits. There is a wide range of baby dopplers on the market and not all are created equally. Things to consider: FDA approval Recording capability Display features Used by physicians Superior sound quality

Cherish The Day

1 Second Everyday

How cool would it be to show your 5 year old child every day of their entire life in half an hour? 1secondeveryday.com has created a very easy-to-use app that takes a 1 second video snapshot of your day. It’s a great way to capture memories you don’t want to forget. As a mother of two boys, ages 6 & 9, I wish I could go back in time and hear the fantastic way my first son used to say excavator. It sounded like “egg-es-wah.” Or hear the belly laugh of my second child as an infant getting tickled by his father. Even if you don't start from the day they were born, I use it now to keep grandma and grandpa feeling connected to us. We'd love to see any AlphaCord baby visual diaries. Please share if you use this app and think it's pretty cool too. Even Drew Barrymore used 1 Second Everyday to capture a visual diary of her daughter Olive.