Summer Baby Shower Ideas To Start Planning Now

Summer Baby Shower Ideas To Start Planning Now
We’re already in the midst of spring, so if you’re having a summer baby shower, now is the time to start planning! Baby showers are a hallmark event for many families, a time to gather and celebrate the new life coming into the world. It’s also a way to show appreciation for everyone supporting your family as you grow (in more ways than one)! There’s no wrong way to throw a baby shower as long as it reflects who you are. You can make it as simple or elaborate as you want. One thing is sure, though: with spring in the air, there’s no better time to look at these 2023 summer baby shower ideas to start planning now. Bonus tip: take your favorite idea from this blog and try an AI-powered baby shower planner.

Our Little Sunshine Baby Shower

Your little ray of light is coming into the world when the sun is out and things are hot, making a little sunshine baby shower a fantastic choice! Decorations almost choose themselves: yellow balloons, flowers, and table dressings are a natural and cheerful extension of the theme.

County Fair

Nothing says summer like the county fair, and the great thing about this theme is you can take it in any direction you please. You can keep it simple with fair-themed decorations or go all-out with a bouncy house or petting zoo. Set up carnival games as a finishing touch that ensures all will have a great time!

Baby Shower By The Pool

The great thing about a pool party baby shower is loved ones can let their hair down and make a splash between food and games. Even better? The mom-to-be has an excuse to take some pressure off and float in the water if she chooses! Plus, who doesn’t love an excuse to throw a pool party?

Life’s A Picnic

The baby will be the only thing cuter than a picnic-themed baby shower with red and white checkered tablecloths, wicker baskets, and perfectly-presented snacks. Scout a park with tables and shaded areas so your guests can sit on a bench or go fully authentic and eat on a blanket. The most fun part of this summer baby shower theme is making it as fancy or rustic as you want!

Boats And Babies

Get the yacht rock ready! As long as momma feels up to rocking on the water, hosting a boat-themed baby shower on a boat is an out-of-the-box way to treat your guests to a fun time. To make serving food easier, invest in catering or make your shower potluck style.

Red, White & Blue Baby Shower

There’s no better theme for a summer baby shower, especially in late June or early July, for people who love the land of the free. Ask your guests to don their favorite red, white, and blue clothes, decorate in stars and stripes, and grab some fireworks (just keep it safe)!

Movies Under The Stars

Beat the heat with a dusk baby shower outdoors, complete with a projector, screen, comfy chairs, and popcorn. Whether your guests sit down and are captivated by a movie or you just have some playing in the background, movies under the stars capture the timelessness of drive-in summer cinema while avoiding the summer sun. Bonus tip: create a short movie of precious moments of you and your loved ones to celebrate everyone supporting you and your little ray of sunshine!

Planning For The Future Of Your Baby’s Health

Planning your 2023 summer baby shower is sure to be a significant source of joy and excitement. It’s a special time to share with friends and family before your little blessing arrives, and you’ll want to be ready to protect your baby in every way possible. That’s why it’s never too early to start learning about cord blood banking and how it helps protect your most precious asset should unfortunate health circumstances ever arise. AlphaCord is passionate about ensuring this life-giving resource is available to families of all backgrounds so you can rest assured you can do everything possible to protect your baby’s health. Get started with your free cord blood banking information guide here.